Overview of Permanent High-Security Solutions From Delta Scientific

Overview of Permanent High-Security Solutions From Delta Scientific | Delta Scientific

Different types of facilities have different security needs. Facilities where dangerous or critical operations take place, such as government facilities, power plants, warehouses, or airports, need a greater level of protection. Delta Scientific offers a range of high-security products to meet the unique needs of your establishment. Here is an overview of our permanent high-security solutions.

Beam Barricades

A beam barricade consists of two buttresses that sit on either side of the roadway with a drop arm between them that raises and lowers to control traffic. We offer beam barricades that can operate via electric, manual or hydraulic power. Beam barricades are an effective deterrent against parking lot theft. 

Another significant benefit of beam barricades is that they can be installed without having to disturb the roadway. The fast operation of the beam barricade, raising and lowering in a matter of seconds, allows for efficient throughput of traffic.

Wedge Barricades

While beam barricades remain above the surface of the road, wedge barricades are installed below it. When lowered in free-passage position, wedge barricades are flush with the road surface to allow authorized traffic to flow. However, they can be raised in response to a vehicle threat. Crash-rated from K4 to K12, Delta Scientific wedge barricades provide effective protection to corporate headquarters, nuclear facilities, and embassies.

Unlike beam barricades, wedge barricades typically require disturbance of the road during installation. However, shallow foundation wedge barriers can leave buried elements, such as utility lines, intact. If you prefer a wedge barricade to a beam barricade but cannot have the roadway disturbed, surface-mounted models are quick to install and offer comparable crash-rated protection.

Sliding Gates

Both beam barricades and wedge barricades are very effective at stopping vehicular attacks. However, they do little, if anything, to deter trespassers on foot. It is a simple matter for a pedestrian to simply walk around or climb over these types of barricades. Our crash-rated sliding gates provide more comprehensive protection from unauthorized vehicles and pedestrians alike. We offer gates that operate on hydraulic and electromechanical systems, as well as gates operated manually. Crash testing has shown them to be effective at stopping a vehicle traveling 50 miles per hour and weighing up to 15,000 pounds. If you would prefer a swing gate to a sliding gate, we offer those as well.


Originally, bollards were short posts installed along waterfronts to allow sailors to tie up boats. Today, the same concept is employed to protect pedestrian areas from vehicular attack. Delta Scientific high-security bollards are humble in appearance, being less than 40 inches tall, but powerful enough to merit a crash rating up to K12. Bollards can be lowered to allow authorized traffic to pass and customized to match your building’s exterior décor. This makes them a good choice if you’re looking for a high-security solution that provides protection while adding something to your overall aesthetic. Delta Scientific bollards are available in both deep foundation and shallow foundation varieties.

Even when it comes to high security, a permanent solution may not always be practical or desired. Delta Scientific also offers portable high-security barriers for short-term needs.