Advantages of Custom Engineering for Physical Security Products

Advantages of Custom Engineering for Physical Security Products | Delta Scientific

Delta Scientific products are thoroughly tested and certified to meet or exceed standards set by ASTM International and the United States Department of Defense. We are confident in the level of protection that our products provide. Nevertheless, we realize that an off-the-shelf solution doesn’t always work for every individual situation, regardless of how effective it may be in general. Every barrier project we do involves our team of engineers, who are happy to address real-world challenges and work with our clients to devise a solution. Here are a few of the ways that you can benefit from taking advantage of custom engineering for your project.

Custom Solutions Appropriate to Your Facility

The type of facility needing security and the activities that occur there inform the most appropriate security solution. A government or military installation might need different security products than a factory, corporate headquarters, or soft target such as a stadium. However, perhaps your facility doesn’t fit neatly into any one category. If this is the case, you may need a custom solution specifically engineered to your unique needs.

Maybe the challenge is that the solution you need is not permanent. You may require a short-term solution for a construction project or temporary installation. Delta Scientific already offers portable barriers for short-term use, but if these are not adequate for your needs, we can change our designs so that the product meets your specific requirements.

Perhaps it is not the type of facility that is so unique but its location. For example, it may be in a remote area where the power supply can be unstable. A traditional barrier may not deploy properly in the event of a power outage. Fortunately, we have addressed scenarios just like this in settings around the world by developing barrier fail-safes such as battery backup systems to be sure that the solution is reliable and trustworthy.

Another consideration is the conditions to which the product will be exposed. Your facility may be located in a climate where the weather can be extreme. We can also work with you to devise a solution that will stand up to exposure to harsh elements as well as withstand the impact from a fully-loaded, medium-duty truck.

Correct Level of Security

It may seem logical that more security is automatically better, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Not only is it a waste of resources to have a higher level of security than you really require, but it can also cause unnecessary inconvenience and hassle, especially for visitors to your facility. Our engineers can work with you to assess your needs and devise a solution that meets them effectively without going overboard. 

If our current products do not fully meet your needs, we can adapt them so that they provide what you require while optimizing efficiency. For example, instead of a traditional control panel, you may benefit from a touch screen. We can be specific to your application in designing and building your barrier’s controls.

Delta Scientific has been designing and testing custom physical security solutions for over 45 years. Not only do we work with you, but also with installers and architects to create a product that meets your needs.