5 Types of Barriers That Can Improve College Campus Security

Colleges and universities take campus security very seriously. As a result, the last two decades have seen a general decline in crime rates on campuses of higher education. Nevertheless, there are challenges involved in enforcing security on college campuses. For example, a single campus may encompass an area equivalent to several city blocks. During key hours, this area is densely populated with students and staff members. Additionally, the larger colleges may have roadways through campus. Sometimes the roadways are private, limited only to students and university staff. Other roadways may be open to the public.

Critical Infrastructure: What It Is, and How To Protect It

Everyone relies on infrastructure every day, but most people don’t think about it unless there is a problem with it. In most cases, damage to infrastructure is minor and unintentional, a consequence of normal wear and tear, and the repair thereof represents an annoying but temporary inconvenience. However, deliberate sabotage to infrastructure, particularly critical infrastructure, could have devastating effects. Fortunately, we at Delta Scientific offer products to enhance critical infrastructure security.

Delta’s DSC550 ‘Open Frame’ Vehicle Barrier Now Listed on DOD List with Interpolation From 10’ – 16’

Delta Scientific, the leading manufacturer of counter-terrorist vehicle control systems used globally, announced their DSC550 shallow foundation open frame barrier has been successfully listed on the new DOD Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier list with interpolation between 10’ and 16’.  In order to achieve this designation, Delta had to successfully test both lengths at the same crash rating.  Both the 10’ and 16’ barriers passed the newer ASTM F2656-20 Standard with M50/P1 designation and achieved negative penetration.

5 Places To Use Delta Scientific Guard Booths

In the 18th century, a guard house or shack was a place where sentries would rest in between their shifts. These were the forerunner of the modern security guard booth. Today, security guards often spend most of their days in a Delta Scientific guard booth, keeping constant watch over the premises either with their eyes alone or with the help of a video surveillance system. Guard booths also provide shelter from the elements. Our guard booths have uses for various property types, including government buildings, military installations, commercial properties, and residential communities.

The Importance of Port Security Barriers

Every year, billions of dollars in valuable cargo is shipped around the world and passes through ports by the ton. In addition, millions of people travel around the world by sea and by air every year. Port security is a collaborative effort by organizations around the world to safeguard the ports, the people and cargo traveling through them, and the countries in which the ports are located from various potential threats. We at Delta Scientific offer several products with applications for port security.

Top 4 Best Places To Use Traffic Spikes

A vehicle that is going the wrong way on a one-way conveyance can have a head-on collision with another vehicle. Though relatively rare, a head-on collision can be among the most dangerous and damaging types of traffic accidents. Many facilities turn to Delta Scientific for solutions to prevent vehicles from driving the wrong way. One of the solutions we offer is traffic spikes, sometimes also referred to as traffic teeth.

3 Things To Look For in an Event Security Service

People usually gather together in large groups to celebrate or, more rarely, to commiserate. Whatever your reason for hosting an event, you need to make sure that your guests are safe. That is where an event security company such as Delta Scientific can help. We provide access control systems that prevent tragedies that arise from vehicles driving on walkways, whether accidentally or on purpose.

How To Ramp Up Security With Sliding Gates

A wall or a fence around your property can do a lot to keep trespassers out. Nevertheless, you do need an access point on your property so that visitors and authorized personnel can enter and leave. The access point can be a vulnerability, but sliding gates from Delta Scientific can help keep it safe and prevent intruders from getting in, whether on foot or by vehicle ramming.

Does OSHA Require Safety Bollards?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was created in 1970 by an act of Congress. Its mission is to set and enforce safety standards to ensure working conditions that are safe and healthful for employees and to minimize hazards that employees could be exposed to in the workplace. Sometimes, this requires the installation of security equipment, such as safety bollards.