How To Approach Data Center Physical Security

Discussions about security of data centers tends to center largely on cybersecurity. This is understandable; the assets are mostly digital, and insufficient protection against cyberattacks can lead to costly data breaches. Nevertheless, data center physical security is also important as the hardware used to store the information could be vulnerable to damage or theft. Personnel could also be at risk of physical violence.  

3 Considerations for Data Center Physical Security

We at Delta Scientific have spent decades developing and building physical security solutions for a wide range of different property types. Therefore, we offer some considerations for ensuring the physical security of your data center that may not have ever occurred to you.

1. Safe Location

If you have an existing data center that you are trying to secure, this consideration is no longer relevant. However, if you are planning to construct a new data center, you should think about its location very carefully.

Consider a number of factors in choosing a site for a new data center. If the site you are thinking about is in an area of high-risk industries, you may want to move elsewhere. You should also take natural threats, such as the risks of severe weather, flooding, and earthquakes, into consideration.

It may not be possible to eliminate all these threats when choosing a site for your data center. However, the more risks you can mitigate in choosing a site, the easier data center physical security will be once you finish construction.

How To Approach Data Center Physical Security | Delta Scientific

2. Multi-Layered Security Protocols

Securing your data center should follow a structured pattern of multiple layers. The first layer of this approach is perimeter control. This is where Delta Scientific comes in. We offer many different types of traffic barriers that prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering your facility. Specific examples of the vehicle control products we offer include the following:

  • Bollards
  • Beam Barricades
  • Traffic Teeth
  • Wedge Barricades

We also understand that not all bad actors seeking to breach the physical security of your data center come in automobiles. For this reason, we also offer products designed to deter trespassers on foot, such as anti-climb doors and sliding, swinging, and bi-fold gates.

3. Access Provisioning

Access provisioning means that no member of your organization has complete access to all areas of your facility. Each individual or team should only have access to the areas of the data center where they need to go to be able to do their jobs.

Access provisioning may mean having security personnel at various checkpoints to verify credentials. You may want a security checkpoint at the perimeter to make sure that no one gets into the data center who doesn’t have business there.

In addition to a barrier, you may want to have a Delta Scientific guard booth at perimeter checkpoints. The barrier allows security personnel to stop vehicles, while the guard booth provides them a safe, comfortable place in which to work.

Data Center Physical Security Starts With Delta Scientific

Our vehicle access control systems can be a part of the first layer of your data center physical security. Contact us to customize a solution to meet your unique needs.