Using a Gate To Maintain Security in an Apartment Complex

As the owner or manager of an apartment complex, you have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for your tenants. This includes securing the grounds and parking areas. Delta Scientific can help with apartment gate security with several sliding and swinging gates that are not only effective but attractive with customizable aesthetics.

What Is Apartment Gate Security?

Unrestricted access to an apartment complex can allow unauthorized personnel to enter. Some such individuals may enter the complex with intent to commit a property crime, such as theft or vandalism, or violent crimes against your tenants or staff.

The more layers of security you have to control access, the more difficult it is for unauthorized personnel with possible criminal intent to enter your property. An apartment gate is often the first line of defense, preventing unauthorized vehicles from entering parking or pedestrian areas within the complex.

Why Is Apartment Gate Security Entry Management Important?

Apartment gate security is not just a good idea. The law requires apartment owners and managers to take steps to make the property safe for tenants. If you fail to take adequate steps, you could be civilly liable for any injuries or damages that take place on your property due to your negligence in maintaining proper security.

Maintaining security can also help you retain tenants on a long-term basis. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the need for safety is one of the most basic needs that human beings have, a need that has to be met before people can start working on psychological needs or self-fulfillment. If your tenants do not feel that your complex meets their need for safety, they will likely leave and find another place to live where safety is not an issue.

Using a Gate To Maintain Security in an Apartment Complex | Delta Scientific

How Does Apartment Gate Security Work?

Sliding gates from Delta Scientific operate on either hydraulic or electromechanical systems. Security personnel can verify the credentials of each person seeking access before opening the gates. Another option may be to allow tenants to open the door using a remote control panel using a code known only to authorized personnel.

What Are the Benefits of Delta Scientific Security Gates?

All of our security gates can arrest the forward movement of a 15,000-pound vehicle traveling at least 30 miles per hour. Our top crash-rated gates can stop a 15,000-vehicle traveling up to 50 miles per hour. We perform crash tests on all of our products to confirm these ratings.

Not all bad actors may potentially enter your property in vehicles. For this reason, our security gates are also designed to deter trespassers on foot attempting to climb over them.

We understand the need to make your apartment complex look homey and inviting. Therefore, we offer 14 different décor options for our security gates so that you can choose the one that best complements your property’s existing exterior.

Why Should You Trust Delta Scientific for Apartment Gate Security?

Delta Scientific has offered high-security access control products for nearly 50 years. Our products protect government buildings, military installations, and critical infrastructure around the world. We work with you to customize a product to meet your apartment gate security needs. Contact us for a quote.