Using Tire Spikes To Prevent Trespassers on Commercial Property

Trespassers on your commercial property could lead to lost assets. If the intruders are coming in vehicles, tire spikes for trespassers may be a viable option to prevent them. We at Delta Scientific offer several styles of traffic spikes. Here is some valuable information about how and why you might use them on your property.

Can You Get in Legal Trouble for Using Tire Spikes for Trespassers on Commercial Property?

Before we get too deep into the legality of installing tire spikes on your commercial property to stop trespassers, let’s take a look at the legal definition of trespassing. Someone who trespasses either enters your property without permission or stays on your property after you have withdrawn your consent.

For a trespass to occur, the person has to act with intent to violate your property, i.e., knowingly enter without your permission. Someone who accidentally makes a wrong turn onto your property and then immediately leaves upon realizing their mistake has not committed a trespass.

You probably know that you owe a duty of care to people whom you allow onto your property. You do not owe the same duty to people who enter your commercial property without your permission. You are not allowed to create a condition that may cause trespassers serious bodily harm, but tire spikes for trespassers typically incapacitate the vehicle without hurting the occupants.

Generally speaking, you should be able to install traffic spikes on your commercial property to deter trespassers. However, refer to your local municipal code for specific regulations that may apply to you. For example, your legal position may be stronger if you install signs on your property informing people of the risk of tire damage due to traffic spikes.

Using Tire Spikes To Prevent Trespassers on Commercial Property | Delta Scientific

What Do Tire Spikes Do?

Tire spikes prevent people from driving in the wrong direction in a one-way lane. Their design prevents them from deploying when vehicles drive over them the right way. However, if a vehicle drives the wrong way over traffic spikes, the sharp metal points puncture the tires, causing them to deflate. This does not affect the mechanical operation of the vehicle, but it does incapacitate it by causing severe tire damage. The driver has to replace the tires before they can drive away.

How Can You Use Tire Spikes on Your Property To Deter Trespassers?

If you close down the entryway to your property when you close for the day, trespassers may attempt to gain access via the exit. One idea for using traffic spikes as a deterrent is to install them in the exit lane. If people try to enter your property from the wrong direction, the spikes will damage their tires. If the would-be trespassers want to escape, they’ll have to depart on foot, giving security personnel the opportunity to alert the proper authorities.

Why Should You Consider Purchasing Tire Spikes for Trespassers From Delta Scientific?

Theoretically, tire spikes for trespassers could harm pedestrians who bump them or fall on them, potentially putting you at risk for liability claims. We understand this risk, which is why we offer pedestrian-friendly spikes. These have molded caps that provide protection to pedestrians but break away in response to the load and impact of a vehicle. Contact us to learn more about your buying options.