Guard Booths for Security, Ticketing, Parking and Shelter

Guard Booths for Security, Toll & Parking Lot Booths and Transit Shelters

Delta Scientific produces booths and shelters that provide fast and affordable solutions for a wide range of applications. Whether protecting personnel from bio or chemical hazards or unwanted access at border and military installations to simply protecting people from the elements of the weather or providing an attractive and efficient booth to process tickets or parking demands, Delta’s booths and shelters are ready for use and fully equipped to be installed in almost any location.

Guard booths (or a similar security guard house or ticket booth) can be used to control security for employees or attendees at stadiums, theme parks, manufacturing facilities, fueling stations, or anywhere a secure entry point is necessary. From small revenue control such as a parking booth or more elaborate guardhouses suitable for multiple security personnel, our guard booths and transit shelter options are designed to work for your company’s need.

Bio Booth - Delta Scientific Corporation

Bio Booths – Contamination Protection

Custom Booths - Delta Scientific Corporation

Custom Booths – Ticket Kiosks

Glass to Glass Corner Booths - Delta Scientific Corporation

Glass Corner Parking Booths

High Security Guard Booth - Delta Scientific Corporation

High Security Guard Booths

Round Booth - Delta Scientific Corporation

Parking Lot Round Booths

Shelter Guard Booth - Delta Scientific Corporation

Bus Shelters – Transit Shelter

Standard Guard Booth - Delta Scientific Corporation

Standard Guard Booths

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