How To Ramp Up Security With Sliding Gates


A wall or a fence around your property can do a lot to keep trespassers out. Nevertheless, you do need an access point on your property so that visitors and authorized personnel can enter and leave. The access point can be a vulnerability, but sliding gates from Delta Scientific can help keep it safe and prevent intruders from getting in, whether on foot or by vehicle ramming.

How Can a Sliding Fence Gate Benefit You?

One of the main benefits of a sliding gate is that, instead of swinging inwards or outwards, it opens sideways. This is a good benefit if you do not have a lot of space on your property and do not have room to allow a gate to swing open or closed. Another benefit of sliding gates is that they open and close quickly, keeping traffic flow steady and reducing the amount of time that your property is vulnerable while the gate is open. In fact, you can have a warning signal installed on your gate that alerts security personnel when the gate has been open too long. You choose the length of the time interval after which this warning signal will go off.

Our sliding security gates have features that make them particularly desirable. They are designed and constructed to withstand vehicle crashes. Our gates can stop a 15,000-pound vehicle traveling from 30 miles per hour to 50 miles per hour, and we perform crash tests to make sure those ratings are accurate. We also produce gates designed specifically to resist climbing by would-be trespassers on foot.

Our sliding gates are available in different sizes to fit your opening. We are able to customize our products according to your specifications to create a security solution that meets your unique needs. We also provide architectural treatments so that your new gate can match your existing outdoor décor.

What Other Features Are Available With Delta Scientific Sliding Gates?

When you purchase a Delta Scientific sliding gate, you can choose the control system you want. Your options include electro-mechanical control and hydraulic power. In either case, you can choose to have the system operated remotely with touchscreen controls that also allow you to log data.

We also recommend safety features such as vehicle loop detectors that prevent a closing signal after a power outage. This prevents the gate from closing unexpectedly. Another safety feature available with our sliding gates is an early warning system that uses Doppler Radar to detect the approach of a fast-moving vehicle and alerts security personnel to close the gate.

What Else Do You Have To Take Into Consideration Before Purchasing a Sliding Gate?

Before you purchase a sliding gate from Delta Scientific, make sure you measure the size of the opening for the gate. We offer gates in several sizes and are able to customize them to meet your needs, but we do require precise measurements.

Before you order a sliding gate, it is a good idea to have a risk assessment of your property. While our safety features can minimize hazards, you should know what possible problems could arise with your gate before you make a final purchasing decision. This helps you to decide which safety features you need.