High Security Rolling Pedestrian Gate

Model #: TT300

The Delta Scientific TT300 high security rolling pedestrian gate is ideal for installations that need rugged performance for large crowds and vehicle control. The drive mechanism is electro-mechanical or hydraulic, with the final drive via rack and pinion with V-groove wheels in sub-grade or at-grade ground tracks.

The gate can be tailored to match the surrounding decor in a wide variety of architectural treatments.

Delta Scientific is well known in the industry for custom applications.  Our TT300S high security sliding gates can be customized to suit our clients’ specific needs. Below, these anti-climb M30 crash rated gates,  is a perfect example of how Delta can work with you and your team to develop the perfect application for your facility.

TT300 Gate Installation at LAX Fuel Depot

Specifications & Resources

TT300 Gate Specs Printable Information

TT300S Gate Specs Printable Information

Delta Crash Rated Gates Brochure

Other Sliding Gates

Sabre Tooth Parking Controller TC8

Sabre Tooth Parking Controller TC8

The TC8 is designed to mount on an existing drive or ramp (concrete or asphalt) with bolts or epoxy to eliminate excavation and drainage problems. By installing units end to end, any width driveway can be controlled.
Beam Barricade DSC7500

Beam Barricade DSC7500

The DSC7500 swing beam barricade is designed to close off one or two lanes of a roadway and provide counter terrorist level protection against vehicle attack. The barricade stops a 15,000-pound (66.7 kN) vehicle traveling 50 mph (80 kph) with zero penetration, equivalent to 1.2-million foot-pounds of kinetic energy.
Wedge Barricade HD300

Wedge Barricade HD300

HD300 Wedge Barricade – M50/P1 rated Barrier with a 24” shallow foundation design. Available with a fully electric or hydraulic control system. The HD300 has a fully enclosed face with an Emergency Fast Operation of 1.5 seconds or less.