Rolling High Security Gates

Model #: SC3000S

High Security Cantilevered Rolling Gate
K4 Crash Rated Gate

Certified By: Engineered Rated
Certification Level: K4
Installation Design: Cantilevered Gate

The cantilevered SC3000S sliding gate is ideal for locations that have ground interference and need the leaf of the gate suspended over the roadway.  This rugged gate allows for railroad tracks or any other ground obstruction to easily pass underneath the gate leaf during opening and closing of the gate.  The drive system can be either electric or hydraulic allowing for variable speeds and smooth operation.

The SC3000S carriers a K4 engineered rating which will stop and destroy a 15,000lb vehicle traveling at 30mph.  The gate can be tailored to match the surrounding décor in a wide variety of architectural enhancements, while still providing ultimate perimeter protection.  The gate can be ordered in lengths up to 30’ as well as custom heights.  Delta is the de-facto choice for custom applications.

SC3000S Sliding Gate Operation

SC3000S Sliding Gate Pearl Harbor

SC3000S Sliding Gate LAX

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The Delta Scientific TT300 high security rolling pedestrian gate is ideal for installations that need rugged performance for large crowds and vehicle control. The drive mechanism is electro-mechanical or hydraulic, with the final drive via rack and pinion with V-groove wheels in sub-grade or at-grade ground tracks.
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The front buttresses on a typical security gate increase the foundation size, affect the appearance of the gate and limit the thickness of the front face materials. For the first time a high security crash rated gate can now fully match the perimeter fence in materials ranging from wood; steel; mesh; glass; fence pickets or railings.