3 Things To Look For in an Event Security Service

3 Things To Look For in an Event Security Service | Delta Scientific

People usually gather together in large groups to celebrate or, more rarely, to commiserate. Whatever your reason for hosting an event, you need to make sure that your guests are safe. That is where an event security company such as Delta Scientific can help. We provide access control systems that prevent tragedies that arise from vehicles driving on walkways, whether accidentally or on purpose.

When you are thinking about working with an event security service, here are some things to look for.

1. Scale

Security for your event should be scaled to match its size. Too little security does not provide protection and leaves people vulnerable. On the other hand, too much security is unnecessarily expensive and could get in the way of people’s enjoyment of the event. Delta Scientific barricades are usually customizable so you can choose the width you need to provide full coverage to a particular access point.

2. Versatility

You need a company that can provide you with security for events appropriate to your venue. For example, if you need to control the flow of vehicles to your facility, you may need a beam barricade, whereas if you have a lot of pedestrian areas, bollards may be a more appropriate form of protection.

If your venue hosts events throughout the year, a permanent installation may be most appropriate. For example, permanent barricades and bollards would probably be desirable for a stadium that sees many different kinds of events throughout each month and year. However, sometimes you may host events in certain venues only a few times a year, and the rest of the year, they may serve a different purpose. For example, if you are hosting an event in a public park or blocking off a street for one weekend that usually accommodates free-flowing vehicle traffic, a permanent installation may not be fitting. Fortunately, Delta Scientific also provides portable bollards and barricades for situations in which you need to set up a barrier quickly and then take it down and put it into storage for several months.

3. Reputation

The adequacy of event security could literally mean the difference between life and death, a complete disaster or a narrowly averted tragedy. Therefore, it is critically important that you work with a trusted company with a good reputation in the industry. Delta Scientific has been in business since 1974. Since that time, we have provided security products for sites around the world. In addition to stadiums and other event venues, we offer products and services for many other different kinds of sites, including government and military installations. We design and build our products following standards set by organizations such as the U.S. Department of State, and perform crash tests to ensure that they meet or exceed those standards.

Because we engineer and manufacture our own products, we understand their functionality and can answer any questions you have about them. We also pride ourselves on our customer service during and after the sale. For example, we not only install our products for you but maintain them as well.