The Art of Separation

National Law Enforcement-Musuem Bollards | Delta Scientific

Ensuring public safety should always be the driving force of security. Protecting both people and property from an attack can take more than rudimentary safeguards like fencing and traffic barriers. Mass demonstrations such as protests can put security teams at odds with these goals, but when intensive measures are taken, the response can project a tone of intimidation instead of protection. With the right tools and excellent preparation, any location can be ready to both safeguard people and property while also maintaining an air of professional authority.

Crash Course in Crowds

When crowds of people are present, those seeking to do harm can often find a way to cause damage. Whether a planned terrorist attack against a federal entity or a rash of road rage at pedestrian protesters, vehicles are one of the most common ways malfeasance can wreak havoc. The mass demonstrations in Portland, Oregon, have illustrated how widespread an affected area can be, and even if protesters have targeted a specific zone, the possibility remains that other public and private locations may be affected as well. Though protesters focused on the Federal Courthouse, their numbers spilled into several blocks throughout the neighborhood.

With a potentially unorganized group affecting such a large area, pedestrians naturally seek shelter from the surrounding buildings. The Henry Hudson Parkway synagogue for The Bayit has taken this idea to heart as it prepares to install a series of bollards in front of its main corner entrance. Currently housing temporary water-filled barriers, the bollards will serve as a permanent protection method from the ever-increasing number of vehicular assaults.

Ineffective Fencing

As with The Bayit, temporary solutions aren’t meant to stand for the long term, at least in the case of water-filled barricades. Portland federal authorities found this out the hard way when protesters tore down an array of protective fencing by hand. In addition to the flimsy nature of the barrier, had a car or truck made its way onto the property the fencing would have stood no chance to protect the civilians and officers who may have been on the other side.

While bollards are designed specifically to allow the egress of pedestrians while prohibiting access to certain areas, portable systems such as TB150 crash rated portable bollards can be situated in a way to funnel foot traffic into certain areas. Placing such barriers in front of fencing also provides a stable foundation that keeps assailants from gaining the purchase and leverage necessary to remove fencing by hand. In addition, no vehicle will be able to break through and cause further damage inside the perimeter.

The purpose of police and security teams is protection. When people and property are threatened, it can be difficult to see who actually needs protecting in the first place. It has become that much more important to take the proper steps in securing areas that may, purposefully or inadvertently, become the target of civil unrest. Contact Delta Scientific today and let our team help design a vehicle and pedestrian security plan that has public and private safety foremost in mind.