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Sabre Tooth Traffic Controller Tire Spikes


Sabre Tooth Traffic Control Tire Spikes enforce “One Way” traffic flow for parking facilities or other single direction vehicle lanes. The torsion spring actuated sabre teeth positively control traffic in one direction while permitting free flow in the other direction.

The Sabre Tooth Tire Spikes will puncture most pneumatic tires. Sabre Teeth are not final denial barricades and should be used for general anti-theft applications and general direction flow control. Delta vehicle barricades are best suited for as final denial and higher security needs.

Note: Before installing the Sabre Tooth Modules, it is mandatory to read the Instructions and Safety Precautions. The Latch Down and Bumper Kit Options cannot be combined on the same traffic unit. Consult a Traffic Engineer Before Using Delta’s Products.


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TC28 Industrial Tire Spike Traffic Controller

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