The Model DSC305-PE Bollard System (“DSC305”) is designed to provide positive control of automobiles and trucks into and out of restricted areas.

Precision steel bollards raised and lowered by a quiet pneumatic source are used as a primary bulwark against unauthorized or wayward vehicles and can stop aggravated or accidental vehicle attacks.

Originally designed to protect against terrorist attacks, the DSC305 is configured to stop and destroy heavy trucks and high speed passenger cars. The DSC305 can be a standalone traffic controller for a single lane traffic-way, or it can be arrayed to control multiple lanes of bi-directional traffic.

DS305 under remote ‘lock down’ are used to protect parked vehicles or prevent movement of passenger cars, trucks, wheeled industrial rigs or trailers. Warehouse doors backed up with a DSC305 makes large vehicle traffic nearly impossible.

Individual reserved VIP parking spaces can be control either remotely or by the authorized vehicle driver.

When used in conjunction with a decorative pedestrian gate or a guard operated drop arm gate, the DSC305 offers protection against gate runners by remaining in the guard position until the guard approves the visitor.

A DSC305 System with bollards arrayed as a Sally Port can practically eliminate tail-gating vehicles is an option to consider. The DSC 305 bollard was designed using Delta’s all weather, pneumatic power system that is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly means of operating a bollard system.

DSC305 General Arrangement Drawing | Delta Scientific DSC305 General Arrangement Drawing

DSC305 Foundation Drawing | Delta Scientific DSC305 Foundation Drawing

DSC305 Procurement Specifications | Delta Scientific DSC305 Procurement Specifications

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DSC305 High Security Bollard | Delta Scientific

DSC305 High Security Bollard

DSC305 Fixed Bollard | Delta Scientific

DSC305 Fixed Bollard

DSC305 Precision Steel Bollards | Delta Scientific

DSC305 Precision Steel Bollards

DSC305 Precision Steel Bollards | Delta Scientific

DSC305 Precision Steel Bollards

DSC305 Retractable Bollard System | Delta Scientific

DSC305 Retractable Bollard System

DSC305 Retractable Security Bollards | Delta Scientific

DSC305 Retractable Security Bollards