K Rated Crash Beams

K Rated Barrier: Certified K-12 Crash Rated Barrier

Model #: DSC7000

Installation Design: Shallow Foundation Barriers

The DSC7000 crash rated beam barricade is used worldwide at locations where wide roadways need to be secured from attacking vehicles. It provides protection between 12- to 20-foot wide with options to 30 feet (3.7 to 9.2 m). The 725-pound beam of the vertical lift barricade stops a 15,000-pound (66.7 kN) vehicle traveling 50 mph (80 kph) dead in its tracks, equivalent to 1.2-million foot-pounds of kinetic energy.

It meets the K12 crash certification standard set by the United States Department of State.

The DSC7000(H) version operates remotely by means of an integral Hydraulic Pumping Unit (HPU) that is wholly enclosed in the hinge end enclosure. The HPU can be powered from a local single or three-phase power source. Alternatively, the DSC7000(H) can be powered and operated automatically from a Battery Powered HPU, which can be maintained at operating power level by a solar array or by low power alternative sources.

The Manual version of the Model DSC7000 Drop Arm Beam Barrier System can be converted to fully automatic operation by the addition of a Delta hydraulic power unit and appropriate control options.

Barrier Clear Opening. The standard clear opening shall be 144 inches (3,66 M) as measured inside to inside of the hinge and locking buttress. The Barrier can be specified with a clear opening up to 240 inches [9,14 M].

Delta Scientific certifies the The DSC7000 beam has been tested to the United Kingdom BSI Standard PAS:68 2007 in the DSC7500 configuration. Crash tested with a 7.5 Tonne EU truck at 80 kph. Zero penetration. The beam held and was wedged in place. Second attack readiness

Drop Arm Beam Barrier Procurement SpecificationsDSC7500 Drop Arm Beam Barrier Procurement Specifications

General-Arrangement-12′-16′ DSC7500 Beam Barrier General-Arrangement-12′-16′

 General-Arrangement-with-Straps-17′-24′DSC7500 Beam Barricade General-Arrangement-with-Straps-17′-24‘


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DSC7000 Beam Barricade Crash Test

DSC7000 Beam Barricade

DSC7000 Beam Barricade