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Delta Scientific Corporation is the World Leader
in High Security Bollards & Vehicle Barricades

Delta Scientific has been engineering and manufacturing vehicle access control equipment and selling its products worldwide since 1974.

With both mechanical and electrical engineers on staff, Delta is able to aggressively pursue custom projects and new technology. The 260,000 square feet of manufacturing space allows Delta Scientific to meet the increased requirements and demands of its continually growing domestic and international customer base.

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Delta Scientific DSC550 Shallow Foundation Open-Frame Barricade Pre-Test No Truck

New Product Spotlight

Delta Scientific Introduces New DSC550 ‘Open Frame’ Vehicle Barrier

The new DSC550 high speed, high security, very shallow foundation barrier is Delta’s fastest, smallest and shallowest foundation barricade, created especially for high speed actuation and simple installation.

Popular Security Products

TT280 High Security Sliding Gate | Delta Scientific Corporation

Sliding Gate TT280

The Linear Crash Rated Gate withstands 15,000 lb vehicles at 50 MPH, ideal for high-security locations like embassies and corporate sites.
DSC2000 Wedge Barricade | Delta Scientific Corporation

Wedge Barricade DSC2000

Each module weighing 1100 pounds is suitable for remote areas, ensuring easy installation and convenient transport in small packages.
DSC7090 Beam Barricade | Delta Scientific Corporation

Beam Barricade DSC7090

Secures wide roadways and parking areas, halting 15,000-pound trucks at 30 mph with a rapid cycle rate for enhanced safety.
DSC720-Security-Bollards-Mercedes-Benz-Stadium | Delta Scientific

Bollard DSC720-1M

New security bollards stop 15,000-pound trucks at 50 mph with minimal penetration, achieving ASTM M50 rating.
Minimalistic golden-yellow world map on a plain background, representing Delta Scientific's global reach in high-security solutions and services.

Product Support

Delta Scientific is also the leader in post-installation support. The Product Support Division is composed of dedicated, highly experienced technicians who have installed, maintained, and serviced hundreds of barrier systems throughout the country and around the world at U.S. Military Bases, Nuclear Facilities, U.S. Embassies, Private Buildings, and other government facilities.

Security News

Military Base Breaches Versus Delta Scientific Barricades

Breaches of physical security on military bases by unauthorized personnel are more common than the average civilian may realize. Unauthorized personnel may wish to steal military information for a foreign power or just cause chaos by committing violence. We at Delta Scientific understand the risks that these breaches pose to national security. Our barricades have…

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A Guide to Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers

Many organizations in the public and private sectors have adopted a tiered approach to physical security. Where there is a tiered approach, there are several perimeter barriers in place to prevent access by unauthorized personnel. Anti-ram barriers are examples of these perimeter barriers. If you are unfamiliar with physical security concepts, we offer this introduction…

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