Sabre Tooth Traffic Controller Spikes

TC28 Sabre Tooth Conversion Modules

The TC28 is designed to handle extra heavy industrial traffic.

Locations where axle loading exceeds known highway specifications are easily handled by the TC28. The unique design of the Tandem Tooth incorporates extra strength axles, top plates, frame supports and anchor tabs.

  • Frame dimensions 72 L x 10 W x 4.4D (inches)
  • Allowable load 40,000 pounds
  • Long life torsion springs
  • All welded steel frame
  • Flush installation (bolts recessed)
  • Top plate – Alert Red, Teeth – Zinc plated
  • Frame epoxy undercoated
  • Shipping weight 150 pounds, approximately
  • Latch down mechanism available
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TC28 Sabre Tooth Traffic Controlling Spikes