Surface Mounted Wedge Barricades

Delta’s surface mounted wedge barricades feature quick installation into difficult locations such as parking structure ramps or areas with sub-surface drainage problems. These barricades are lowered to allow passage of authorized vehicles and are available in widths up to 240 inches (6096 m). They are crash rated. Surface mounted barricades are very easy to install and provide high security vehicle access control system for banks, city and federal government offices, museums, corporate buildings, factories, oil refineries, railway, airport and other transportation hubs as well as other facilities threatened by truck bomb attack, errant drivers or car-crashing thieves.

With fast installation, shallow or no foundations, low maintenance, certified compliant to industry standards, and all weather operation, Delta Scientific leads the industry with these surface mounted wedge barriers.

DSC1200 Surface Mounted Barricades

DSC1200 Surface Barricade

TW2015 Surface Mounted Barricade

TW2015 Surface Barricade

TT207S/FM Barricades

TT207S/FM Surface Barricades

DCS1450 surface Mounted Barricade

DSC1450 Surface Barricade

TW4030 Surface Mounted Barricade

TW4030 Surface Barricade

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