Crash Rated Gates – Beam Barricades

Model #: TT212E

K Rated Barrier: Crash Rated Beams

Installation Design: Shallow Mount Barrier

The TT212 Beam Barricade is used at government facilities, embassies and automotive sales facilities. When CarMax, the Auto Superstore® and the nation’s leading specialty retailer of used cars, needed a low maintenance system that would deter theft from their lots and integrate with their present security system, they chose Delta Scientific’s beam barricades.

The high-strength wire rope of the TT212 will stop a non-armored or non-tracked vehicle weighing 6,000 pounds at 40 mph (26,7 KN at 64 kph). Beams are raised to allow passage of authorized vehicles. Clear opening ranges from 10.5 to 24 feet (3,200 mm to 7,315 mm) are available to allow passage of almost every type of vehicle.

Both TT212 Beam Barricade Hydraulic (H) and Manual (M) versions are available. The units are crash rated.

TT212E Specifications - (Hydraulic) Specifications – (Hydraulic)

TT212E Specifications - (Manual) Specifications – (Manual)

TT212E Drawings Drawings

TT212E Brochure Brochure

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TT212E Beam Barricade

TT212E Beam Barricade