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High Security Barricades

Delta provides High Security Barricades with a crash rating as high as K54 in widths up to 240 inches (6096 mm) and up to 38 inches high (965 mm). Lowered to allow passage of authorized vehicles, they are the first line of defense at critical facilities including embassies, nuclear facilities, military bases and corporate headquarters. Delta’s high security barricades provide high speed operations, shallow foundations, small designs that are aesthetically pleasing and extremely effective. With security systems built for high traffic locations requiring rapid emergency fast operation rates, Delta Scientific’s counter-terrorism barricade systems meet and exceed governments’ highest level requirements. Used by the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Military, and the United Kingdom, these High Security Barriers set the industry standards and can be implemented worldwide.

DSC2000 High Security Barricades


DSC501 High Security Barricades


TT207S/FM Barricades


HD200 High Security Barricades


DSC207S High Security Barricades


HD2055 High Security Barricades


HD300 Barricades