What Crowd Surges Are and How To Prevent Them

Major events that draw large crowds can be fun, exciting, and memorable. Unfortunately, big events can also pose their own safety risks. Event planners and venues have a duty to protect attendees from external threats and from threats caused by the crowd itself. What are crowd surges? Find out more about these unfortunate incidents and ways to prevent them.

Delta’s DSC501 Stops Unauthorized Vehicle at FBI Building

April 2, 2024 – Delta Scientific, the leading manufacturer of counter-terrorist vehicle control systems used globally, today announced that on Monday, April 1st, a DSC501 High Security Barricade stopped an unauthorized vehicle from entering an FBI field facility in Atlanta, Georgia. According to officials, the orange Buick Encore tried to follow an FBI employee’s car into the facility before being stopped by the Delta DSC501 barrier. The driver was then apprehended by special agents that were in the immediate area.

The 4 Types of Perimeter Security Bollards

There is an undeniable increase in the number of attacks on citizens, communities, and businesses using a vehicle as a weapon. Whether the perpetrator is a member of a terrorist cell or a home-grown malcontent, the destruction is devastating. The loss of life and property can be incalculable, making prevention strategies an essential step in protecting your facility and your community from malicious attacks.

The Benefits of Security Threat Modeling and Its Applications to Physical Security

Whether you run a business, oversee an entertainment venue, or manage a government or military installation, you are responsible for human lives and physical assets. There are always threats that imperil lives and put physical assets at risk of theft or damage, and security threat modeling is a method of first identifying and then mitigating these threats.

3 Things To Look For in an Event Security Service

People usually gather together in large groups to celebrate or, more rarely, to commiserate. Whatever your reason for hosting an event, you need to make sure that your guests are safe. That is where an event security company such as Delta Scientific can help. We provide access control systems that prevent tragedies that arise from vehicles driving on walkways, whether accidentally or on purpose.

How To Ramp Up Security With Sliding Gates

A wall or a fence around your property can do a lot to keep trespassers out. Nevertheless, you do need an access point on your property so that visitors and authorized personnel can enter and leave. The access point can be a vulnerability, but sliding gates from Delta Scientific can help keep it safe and prevent intruders from getting in, whether on foot or by vehicle ramming.

3 Takeaways from ISC West

Every year, the International Security Conference and Exposition puts on a trade event called ISC West in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2023, ISC West took place from March 28th to March 31st. We at Delta Scientific were pleased to attend the conference and meet with current and future customers. If you were unable to attend the conference, we have compiled a few of the most important takeaways.