Delta Scientific security barrier deployed at a Hertz car rental facility, featuring striking yellow and black design elements that ensure high visibility, reflecting the integration of Delta's safety solutions in commercial settings for secure vehicle access.


Parking Lot Gates / Commercial Access Barricades

High Security and Crash Rated Beams, Gates, and Barricades

Whether the need is to control access, monetize private parking or commercial areas, or provide an extra level of security to public and private spaces, Delta Scientific provides solutions for each. Crash rate beams in parking lots, shallow mount barriers for garage applications, high security gates for sensitive or limited access areas and commercial access control solutions are just some of the ways Delta delivers.

A Delta Scientific mobile counter-terrorist vehicle barricade system in operation at a checkpoint, with a worker in high-visibility clothing for safety, showcasing Delta's capabilities in providing temporary security solutions for checkpoints and sensitive site access control.
 Bi-Fold Speed Gate DSC8000

 Bi-Fold Speed Gate DSC8000

New bi-fold speed gate fits tight spaces, handles heavy vehicle throughput, customizable options, crash tested, hydraulic/electric drive, easy installation.
UVLS100 | Undercarriage Vehicle Inspection Lights | Delta Scientific

Undercarriage Vehicle Inspection Lights UVLS100

Resin-encased LED lighting system for vehicle inspection lanes, conforms to US Department of State specs, 654 LUX, 6500K.
High Security Single Shallow Foundation Bollard DSC633 | Western Pump

Shallow Foundation Single Bollard DSC633

High-security bollard, ASTM certified M30/P1, shallow foundation design. Stops 15,000-pound truck, customizable covers for aesthetic integration with surroundings.
DSC635 Shallow Foundation Bollard | Delta Scientific

Shallow Foundation Single Bollard DSC635

M50 crash-rated bollard, stops 15,000-pound truck at 50 mph. Shallow foundation design ideal for restricted spaces, customizable covers available.
J10037 Anti-Climb Gate Fence

Anti-Climb Gate J10037

Customizable Anti-Climb Fence doors ensure durability and easy installation, offering various options like meshing, metal, or glass panels.
DSC550 Pre-test | Delta Scientific

Shallow Foundation Barricade DSC550

Open frame barricade: Widths 10′ to 16′, ASTM F2656-20 M50/P1 certified, shallow 24″ foundation, low maintenance, high performance.

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