Product Spotlight: Beam Barricade DSC7000

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A challenge that can arise when securing many critical facilities is that the approach is too wide for many traditional barricades to span completely. We at Delta Scientific have addressed this problem with our DSC7000 beam barricade, which is available in width options that can close off either a single lane or a double lane. Learn more about the features that the DSC7000 has to offer.

Actuation Options

There are three different actuation options available for the DSC7000. There is the manual option, which only requires a single person to operate it. There is the electro-mechanical option, which works off of either a three-phase or local single power source and operates by a ball screw actuator driven by a motor. There is also a version that uses a hydraulic pumping unit that can be powered either by a battery or AC power source and operated remotely. The ball screw actuator of the electro-mechanical version and the pumping unit of the hydraulic version are both encased completely in the enclosure that contains the hinge.

Beam Width Options

Manual and electro-mechanical versions of the DSC7000 offer beams between 12 feet wide, approximately the width of a standard traffic lane, and 20 feet wide. If you choose the hydraulic option, you have beam length options up to 30 feet wide. The beam of the standard DSC7000 weighs 725 pounds.

Beam Closing Time

All widths of DSC7000 beam barricades are able to close in as little as 0.7 seconds. To put it another way, it takes less than a second for the barricade to close, which could mean the difference between a devastating vehicle attack and a crisis averted. Testing shows that this closing time figure is reliable and consistent. It meets or exceeds standards established by multiple agencies, including the United States Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Department of State, and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Crash Test Ratings

As with all of our products, Delta Scientific has subjected the DSC7000 to crash tests to see how effective it is at stopping a heavy, fully loaded vehicle traveling at high speeds. The DSC7000 is able to stop a 15,000-pound truck traveling at 50 miles per hour with zero penetration. These results meet the Department of State’s standard for a K12 crash certification, which is the highest crash test rating available on that scale. These results also meet the British Standards Institution’s criteria for a crash test rating of PAS 68 according to that scale.

Enhanced Options for Nuclear Power Plants

A vehicular attack at a nuclear power plant could have devastating effects that last for decades. Because we realize what a catastrophe that could be, Delta Scientific offers enhancements for DSC7000 barricades that are to be used at a nuclear facility. Specifically, we have barricades for shallow-foundation applications as well as surface-mounted versions of the DSC7000. These barricades can be installed with little or no excavation. As a result, they will not disrupt any buried utility cables that necessarily run in and out of a power plant.

In addition to nuclear power plants, Delta Scientific security products such as the DSC7000 are also deployed at many private, government, and military facilities around the world.