5 Examples of Delta Custom Engineering Products

5 Examples of Delta Custom Engineering Products | Delta Scientific

At Delta Scientific, we have been designing, manufacturing, and installing security products to protect against vehicle impact for decades. During that time, we carried out extensive crash testing to make sure our products are effective. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that every product automatically meets the needs of every customer.

We know that you have unique challenges to meet, which is why we offer custom engineering for our security products. Here are some examples of customized and customizable products to make our products as efficient and effective as possible in the real-world setting of your property.

1. Anti-Climb Fence Door

Bad actors don’t always approach your property in a vehicle. Sometimes they arrive on foot. A fence around your property may deter them, but the gate can be a weak point. Our hardened anti-climb pedestrian door is designed to prevent unauthorized personnel from gaining access to your property by scaling the fence. Easy to install on existing fence posts, these doors can fit any size opening and can be engineered to close and lock automatically so unauthorized personnel can’t sneak through a door that’s been accidentally left ajar.

2. Bi-Fold Speed Gate

Most security gates open and close by either swinging or sliding. These may not work well if you have a small opening or if you have to open and close the gate quickly to allow many vehicles to go through within a short period of time. Our bi-fold speed gate can cover an opening of up to 24 feet. Standard opening time is six seconds, but this can be adjusted.

3. Tall Security Bollards

Delta Scientific security bollards are typically between 13 and 36 inches tall. While this is sufficient to stop most vehicles in the United States, it may not be enough to stop taller trucks that are more common overseas. We also offer high-security bollards that are a full one meter tall, approximately three inches taller than the next highest bollard. They are available as either fixed-post bollards that always remain in place or retractable bollards that offer a variety of power options.

4. Portable Barriers

Sometimes the level of protection required on your property varies. If you need extra security every once in a while, consider Delta Scientific portable barriers that you can install within a matter of hours, take down once the event is over, and put in storage until you need them again. These portable barriers can be operated either manually or automatically.

5. Surface-Mounted Barricades

Sometimes you need a permanent security solution in a place where installing a traditional barricade would be difficult, if not impossible. It is usually necessary to excavate several feet below ground level to install a traditional barricade, and this may not be possible where there are utility lines close to the surface or drainage problems. It is also impracticable on an elevated parking ramp. Surface-mounted barricades extend only a matter of inches below the surface rather than feet but are still effective at stopping large, heavy vehicles traveling at high speeds. As a bonus, they can be installed fairly quickly as well.