The ABCs of Security in Private Enterprises

The ABCs of Security in Private Enterprises | Delta Scientific

The need for security measures in public places, such as government buildings and military installations, is obvious. If it wasn’t obvious before, it should be after the assault on our national capitol early this year. Private enterprises’ need for security is not always as obvious but is just as pressing, This is especially true of buildings and complexes that see a great deal of traffic on a daily basis. If it is a mix of both foot and motor vehicle traffic, the need is even greater. Here is a summary of security issues at various points in the private sector, as well as solutions that we offer at Delta Scientific.

Airport and Seaport Security

Airports and seaports form a vital transportation hub not only for travelers but for consumer goods as well. Most of them are owned by private corporations. The billions of dollars’ worth of materials that make their way in and out of these facilities daily make them an attractive target for thieves looking to commit grand larceny in addition to terrorists hoping to disrupt the supply chain or simply cause mass confusion.

Because thousands of trucks pass through these facilities on a daily basis, the challenge of security involves allowing authorized vehicles entrance while simultaneously deterring unauthorized vehicles as well as passersby on foot. One of our solutions that is particularly effective is the high-security rolling pedestrian gate.

Barricades for Event Security

Live events include a wide range of activities, including concerts, sporting competitions, and conventions. They can take place in an indoor venue, such as a stadium or arena, or an outdoor venue. There may be two private organizations involved at an event, the one putting it on and the one that owns the venue. The latter typical bears primary responsibility for security.

For a singular large event that takes place outside, a long-term installation may not be necessary. We offer portable barriers and, for a more permanent solution, surface-mounted barricades that are easy to install when you need same-day protection. They are as strong and effective as those that require digging into the ground to install. Of course, more traditional security solutions, such as beam barricades, bollards, and wedge barricades, are available as well for indoor event centers.

College Campus Security

Colleges and universities can be either private or public, but the security challenges are the same for each. Often, campuses span several city blocks, and the streets that traverse it may be a mixture of public roadways open to everyone, private lanes intended for university personnel only, and walkways only open to pedestrians.

As the COVID-19 vaccine is administered to more people, restrictions on in-person instruction are likely to ease. More students, faculty, and staff may be returning to campuses across the country in the near future. Bollards are an effective way to delineate pedestrian-only areas from vehicle traffic and protect walkers from collisions with motor vehicles, whether accidental or intentional. We offer fixed, retractable, and portable bollards in a wide array of decorative styles, finishes, and designs, some of which can be customized to your specifications.

These are only a few of the private enterprises we service. Additionally, we provide solutions for traffic management and critical infrastructure, as well as military and government installations.