A Barrier to Terrorism or the Public?


Terrorism takes many forms, but the most potent attacks come when everyday items are transformed into weapons of destruction. Cities the world over are faced with such attacks, and their responses will shape not only safety practices but the development of those cities as a whole.

As more and more metropolitan areas add barricades and additional security measures, it comes at a cost. Pedestrian traffic and public enjoyment might be limited by barriers, but what is being sacrificed, and can those concerns be mitigated?

Around the World in 80 Barricades

Many European cities have been the focus of terrorist activities, and it has taken its toll on their citizens. Britain, France and Germany have all stepped up their security infrastructure by incorporating portable and permanent barriers throughout major municipalities. Much of the main focus has been establishing barriers to vehicular attacks while still allowing access by emergency vehicles and personnel.

Some attempts are meant to also preserve the inherent beauty of these cities. For example, in Florence, Italy, security bollards are being installed in tandem with oversized flower pots to create a visually pleasing blockade. Such efforts both provide a sense of security without distraction alongside actual stopping power if the need arises.

Public Problems

Even with an eye on aesthetics, it’s difficult to establish safety measures that don’t restrict foot-travel movement, even in France where significant steps have been made towards making Paris a pedestrian-friendly city. To safeguard the Eiffel tower, its base has been surrounded by a glass wall, significantly restricting access while only moving the area of attack a short distance away.

Other cities have found that permanent barriers and even temporary barricades create flow problems both with vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Every metropolitan area must make that choice between public safety and freedom of movement.

An Alternate Choice

The best way to balance these ideas is to incorporate types of barricades that can be as flexible as each city needs them to be. For example, Delta Scientific offers a host of portable barricades and bollards that are stylish, strong and convenient. By incorporating temporary solutions, cities can work around traffic issues as they arise and allow their security plans to evolve depending on the situation. If one layout has unexpected consequences, a new design can be implemented with little work.

Fluid security layouts have excellent advantages, especially in cities where the public needs the freedom to be themselves while they also require the safety of barricade protection. Contact Delta Scientific today for help planning your next security layout, and get the best defense available today!