The Unexpected Reality of Large Vehicle Attacks


The world is no stranger to terrorists and the varied weapons they use to cause destruction. While Hollywood imagines explosives and dirty bombs to be the most prolific forms of attack, the reality is much darker. For those willing to do harm, the most dangerous weapons at their disposal are as common and easy to acquire as the sand on a beach.

Vehicular assault might not seem as deadly as other methods, but it is truly terror-inducing to feel that any car on the road could become a danger at any time. Even something as small as a Ford Fiesta can have a deadly impact. Yet the real threat comes from larger vehicles that can leave standard security measures useless thanks to their sheer mass.

A Looming Threat

The primary danger of utilizing larger vehicles such as moving trucks and busses is their prevalence on the road. Almost invisible thanks to their commonality, many drivers and pedestrians view them more as an annoyance than a threat. Those with malicious intent have utilized this ubiquity many times in the past.

As recently as October 2019, a man hijacked a lorry in Germany, plowing through traffic and injuring seven people. Germany is no stranger to such incidents, as only a year before a similar truck was hijacked and driven through a Christmas market, killing 12. While the October attack has not officially been tied directly to any specific organization, it is still an act meant to inspire terror and cause devastation.

Easy to Aquire

As brazen as it sounds, hijacking a tractor-trailer illustrates just how easily people can get their hands on a destructive and nigh-unstoppable weapon. In Maryland, a man wishing to cause as much chaos as possible was caught after stealing a moving truck. Thankfully, police apprehended the man as he waited for more people to arrive to carry out a “Nice-style” attack.

An officer and four pedestrians in Edmonton weren’t as lucky. After stabbing the officer, the attacker stole a U-Haul truck and proceeded to run down pedestrians after being recognized at a police checkpoint. While none were killed in the attack, it is still a reminder of how dangerous large vehicles can become.

The Power to Protect

The only way to protect against the unforeseen is to plan as if it’s inevitable. Choosing the right protection, whether it be a well-designed security layout or portable barriers for temporary use, means having the right tools for the job. In effect, k-rated barriers and bollards are needed to stop larger vehicles in their tracks.

For example, Delta Scientific designs its K-12 rated barriers to impede vehicles of up to 15,000 lbs traveling at speeds approaching 50 mph. Such a device would severely limit the destructive potential of large trucks and tractor-trailers laden with a full load. For events or situations where a sizable gathering of pedestrians is expected, portable barricades provide similar protection.

Terrorism comes in many forms, but they all take advantage of the unprepared. When it is easy to commandeer a truck for nefarious purposes, security teams need to take defense into account. Contact Delta Scientific for more information about high-impact bollards and barriers, and make sure you’re prepared for the unexpected.