Delta Scientific’s MP5000: Stopping Power in Action

Delta Scientific’s MP5000 - Stopping Power in Action | Delta Scientific

When it comes to safety and security, permanent barriers have their place but portable options are better. By combining versatility and effectiveness into a mobile package, these systems offer much more than standard installations. Perhaps most successful in this regard is Delta Scientific’s own MP5000 Portable Event Barricade, designed specifically for stopping unwanted vehicle traffic dead in its tracks.

No Way Out

On February 14, 2019, the MP5000 showed its teeth when stopping a stolen Ford Edge as its driver attempted to escape from the Naval Air Station – Corpus Christie. After the crossover SUV impacted the barrier it was damaged enough to catch fire, while the trespasser was fatally shot.

This incident illustrates the effectiveness of these types of barricades. Halting traffic-related attacks and escapes is the primary driving force of Delta Scientific, and putting the vehicle out of commission saved countless lives and property damage.

Force to be Reckoned

The MP5000 can take on smaller vehicles like the Ford Edge with ease because of its high collision rating. Tested at the M40 level, it can stop a 15,000 flatbed truck at impact speeds up to 40 mph. While it’s stopping power is impressive, the true beauty of the barrier is its portability.

Ready to work in about 15 minutes, installation is easy thanks to hydraulic systems that raise and lower the barricades from their transport wheels. Once in place, these devices use incorporated DC power to raise and lower the barrier. When it’s time for removal, the procedure is performed in reverse.

Continued Reliability

This isn’t the first time that the MP5000 has been utilized to great effect. In 2010, the barrier prevented a vehicle-based terrorist attack at a US Consulate building in Pakistan, and again prevented two vehicle bombs in Herat in 2013.

The device has found use in situations other than military security as well. During the 2017 Mardis Gras celebration, these barriers were used to close off sections of Bourbon Street. This allowed Police and other safety officers to focus their efforts on other important situations instead of monitoring street traffic.

Portability is Key

The advantage these portable systems have over permanent solutions is their versatility. Able to be placed anywhere at a moments notice and still be effective, these barriers avoid the installation problems of their permanent counterparts since no digging, wiring or demolition of any kind.

For more information on how you can purchase the MP5000 or other great portable barriers, contact Delta Scientific’s offices. Their team is ready to help you choose the best barrier system to fit your current project, keeping security at the forefront of any operation. Contact us online or call us at (661) 575-1100.