Keeping Pedestrian Accidents at Bay

Keeping Pedestrian Accidents at Bay | Delta Scientific

All too often we focus on the larger threats and neglect every-day issues that traffic control safety systems face. While it’s important to prepare for attacks and incursions, security planning has to take the public into account as well.

Pedestrian traffic is always an issue whether you’re located in a big city, on a college campus or even off the beaten path. Let’s take a look at some ways your organization can keep accidents to a minimum while still being prepared for major security issues.

On the Rise

Recent studies have determined that pedestrian-related vehicular accidents are on a steep rise across the nation. While some suggest it’s related to distractions such as cell phone use, others feel it’s the upward energy-saving trend that has people spending more time walking to their destinations.

Regardless of who is at fault, it is the driver’s responsibility to be aware of pedestrians. As such, traffic safety designs must incorporate ways that allow vehicle operators to know the locations of crosswalks and other areas where foot travel is most likely.

Guided Travel

By regulating vehicle traffic you can make sure that drivers always have optimum viewpoints to keep track of pedestrians crossing entryways or through lots. Traffic spikes are an excellent option to ensure motorists travel in a single direction, and gates will also allow egress and entrance in designated spots.

When there is a less permanent solution is necessary, portable barricades can keep vehicles away from pedestrian congestion. For large events taking place in public locales, these easy to set up devices are essential to keeping drivers away from pedestrians enjoying the festivities while allowing police and security staff to focus on other areas of import.

Safe Signage

On the pedestrian side, letting people know that motorized traffic runs through certain areas will also help them stay on guard. Having appropriately lit signs indicating crossing areas and vehicle throughways will signify safe passages versus points where there may be blind spots in drivers’ vision.

Employing a security guard is another excellent solution as having personnel on hand to keep watch over foot traffic is always better than relying on electronic means. Strategically placed guard booths can keep an eye on foot traffic, letting guards prevent accidents before they happen.

Employees, students and visitors traverse every area on foot at some point, and vehicle-related incidents are inevitable. Contact Delta Scientific or call us at (661) 575-1100 to ask our knowledgable staff how you can keep pedestrian accidents at a minimum while keeping your facilities safe from other potential threats.