The Benefits of Early Warning Systems

The Benefits of Early Warning Systems | Delta Scientific

An early warning system can be the difference between a surprise attack and sufficient warning for security to prevent or respond to a threat scenario. Find out more about the technology used in the Delta Scientific early warning system and how this system works with vehicle barricades.

Doppler Radar Detection

A continuous Doppler radar with digital loop detection technology is a critical component in an early warning system. This monitoring equipment is designed to detect sudden changes in velocity. An attacking vehicle may approach the area at a normal speed and then accelerate to breach a barrier. Doppler detection can notify guards of an increase in velocity and give them time to implement security measures, such as raising barricades. Connecting detection equipment to an alarm panel can promote a fast and effective response on the part of security personnel.

Alarm Panel Alerts

The early warning system includes all of the circuitry and logic components necessary to wire radar antennas that resemble video surveillance cameras to an alarm panel. The system will be triggered when a preset speed is exceeded or if a vehicle attempts to maneuver around a security checkpoint rather than using the intended approach.

These warning and alert systems are most useful in locations where a vehicle will have sufficient distance to build up speed. Any significant increase in velocity should be detectable. Installing barricades that have a sufficient crash safety rating will require calculating the possible range of speeds and kinetic force based on the surroundings and the size of potential attack vehicles.

Increased Response Time

A vehicle moving at 60 miles per hour (96 kph) can travel over 88 feet per second (2.68 m/sec). It is important to factor in the amount of space available for direct acceleration when determining the proper position for radar antennas, the crash rating of a barricade, and the response options available to security personnel. The most effective systems will be able to detect changes in velocity at a sufficient distance to allow an automatic or manual barrier to be raised to deter unauthorized entry.

An early warning system should also have advanced features such as digital loop detection technology and the ability to detect hidden vehicles that suddenly attempt to pass a larger vehicle. All of these features can control access to private property or any location that has high security requirements. Contact Delta Security at (661) 575-1100 to find out how to combine an early warning system with barricades to enhance security.