Fighting Back Against Mail Contamination Threats

Fighting Back Against Mail Contamination Threats | Delta Scientific

One of the most startling reasons that biological warfare is so damaging is its near invisibility. By the time healthcare professionals suspect the involvement of foreign agents in a patient’s deteriorating condition, it’s often too late to contain the threat. Early detection is key to eliminating a toxin before it spreads.

Biological Warfare Risks

Although it’s been almost two decades since the United States was plagued by the anthrax scare of 2001, the risk of biological attacks never goes away. Technological advances in recent years make the lab engineering of destructive agents even more plausible, and a recent security strategy from the Trump administration suggests that potential threats are growing. It’s become more important than ever to take added precautions when any kind of suspicion is aroused.

Containment Resolution

The postal service and other shipping organizations become the targets of bioterror because of the simplicity of mailing a contaminated letter or package. The safest solution to combat this threat is to exercise caution when inspecting deliveries. An isolated containment unit allows for safe evaluation of suspicious items with minimum exposure risks.

Should contamination be detected, the unit can be removed from the site without breaching the infected area. At the new location, experienced decontamination professionals can neutralize the threat before it spreads to an unsuspecting population. The Center for Disease Control lists dozens of potential bioterror diseases; careful planning can aid in the prevention of a national epidemic.

It’s crucial that employees who interact with packages on a daily basis understand what to look for when identifying dubious shipments. A trained eye paired with proper containment strategies can go a long way toward reducing the risks.

Industry Impact

Containment units can be an asset to any business or facility that sees a high volume of incoming and outgoing mail. Because contaminated packages often appear benign, locations with larger inventories of envelopes and boxes are less likely to notice a threat, increasing the degree of risk. This leaves several industries that may benefit from on-site containment:

  • Post offices
  • Mailing businesses
  • Shipping warehouses
  • Large-volume mailrooms

These units are often small enough to be placed inside or outside the facility. This flexibility makes it simple for trained teams to access the booth and contain the risk.

At Delta Scientific, our BioBooth was developed with the U.S. Department of State to minimize the potential spread of biohazards. Each unit features sufficient room and work surfaces within to perform necessary duties, and filters add a layer of protection for BioBooth occupants. Contact us for information about our secure and effective containment units.