3 Elements to Consider When Choosing a Guard Booth

3 Elements to Consider When Choosing a Guard Booth | Delta Scientific

Adding security to your business’s premises requires more than just hiring personnel—guards need a base from which to access monitoring systems as well as store equipment. A guard booth can perfectly serve this purpose while also acting as a crime deterrent by serving as a visual reminder to potential criminals that the authorities are watching. With so many different designs to consider when installing a guardhouse, here are three factors to keep in mind as you look for the security booth that best fits your business.


Where you plan to install the booth can influence the building’s shape and construction materials. Most companies offer prefabricated structures that are built at the company site before being shipped to your business, so it’s essential that you review what you need before you order. A few factors that may affect your structure choice include:

  • Weather-proofing needs
  • Shape and size of installation site, especially if site is a parking lot island
  • Practicality of swinging or sliding doors

Style may also be a concern if you run a theater or other entertainment venue. In this case, your business may be better served by a booth that broadcasts a more commercial look that facilitates customer service.

Risk of Violence

Standard guard booths are generally made of sheet metal and tempered safety glass, but locations with restricted access or higher crime may require more robust materials. High security booths are designed to provide safety in potentially volatile situations, such as an attack involving guns or explosives. Many manufacturers of high security equipment offer several levels of bullet resistance in their buildings, so you can keep your security personnel safe without paying for a military-grade bunker.

Risk of Contamination

Unfortunately, we live in an age when biological weapons can be shipped with relative ease. From the sulfuric acid bomb mailed to the international popstar Björk to the 2001 anthrax letter attacks, examples of deadly packages are all too common. These threats must be handled with extreme care to prevent widespread contamination that can put many people at risk.

To combat these attacks, companies may offer self-contained inspection stations where biohazard teams can examine suspicious containers without exposing others. Since these structures are prefabricated, they can be removed from the site if biohazards are detected, thereby isolating any harmful toxins during every step of the safety process.

When considering your business’s security, Delta Scientific is a name you can trust. We offer several guard booth types, including high security, anti-contamination and custom options. To place an order or for more information, call us at (661) 575-1100 or visit us online.