Protecting National Representatives Away From Home

Protecting National Representatives Away From Home | Delta Scientific

As the diplomatic representation of a nation’s government in another country, embassies are natural targets for extremists. Many attacks and breaches on embassy facilities have occurred over the years, many with horrific injury and loss of life. For U.S. diplomats abroad, the Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS), part of the U.S. Department of State, works in a law enforcement capacity to keep them safe.

Political unrest, unpopular policy decisions and grassroots religious fervor have all been motivators for various groups or individuals to attack foreign diplomatic institutions. Some of these attacks were successful; some were thwarted or stemmed. In all cases, the results were unsettling, and even worse, tend to be viral in nature by inspiring other extremists to attempt similar attacks.

However, law enforcement, military and government officials all agree that the most successful strategy for combating attacks by foreign nationals on embassies is to prevent them from happening in the first place. To do that, officials have to use every means at their disposal. One proven way to deter and stop attackers is with the use of high impact barriers and crash gates.

Keeping Threats Blocked Out

Vehicle attacks are often the method chosen for attacks on embassies. If the defense can stop a breach of the perimeter, the terror attack fails. Since terror organizations in foreign countries often have unfettered access to military grade vehicles, only the highest rated crash barriers and protective devices will effectively stop vehicle attacks.

Considering that individuals with enough determination to assault an official installation in the first place are usually totally committed to inflicting harm, you can assume that they will use any means at their disposal to accomplish their nefarious task.

Industry Leader in Barricade Control Systems

Delta Scientific Corp. provides high-impact rated crash barrier gates and systems to meet the needs of the most sensitive areas and critical applications. Governments around the world trust the advanced protection technology of Delta Scientific products to protect their diplomatic staffs.

Embassy security planners combine products like the new model DSC2075 Embassy barricade or # DSC600 high security shallow bollards, units capable of withstanding the force of a 15,000-pound truck crashing into it at 50 mph, with Delta Scientific’s early warning systems like the DSC400 to offer the best protection possible.

Making sure diplomats are secure enough to perform their vital duties for the state requires a forward-thinking mindset. Determined terrorists are difficult to defeat, but by using the best equipment available implemented with the most advanced strategies, they can be stopped in their tracks.