High-Security Devices To Safeguard Colleges and Stadiums

High-Security Devices To Safeguard Colleges and Stadiums | Delta Scientific

The reasons for inflicting deadly violence on unsuspecting crowds in public places and facilities are many and wide-ranging: religious ideologies, desire for infamy and publicity, motives of revenge, psychological problems and despair. Today it is easier than ever before to plan and exert harm and induce fear on any large gathering or public space due to the free and easily accessible flow of information, not only about possible targets, such as the occurrence of an important event, its guests and venue layout, but also about devices of terror, such as assembly instructions of a pressure cooker bomb, which was used during the Boston Marathon. But the good news is that security devices are also more sophisticated and powerful than ever before.  

Multitude of Dynamics Involved in Colleges and Stadiums

Besides the usual external risk factors, college campuses and stadiums are particularly vulnerable due to internal factions, such as disgruntled or misunderstood. However, advanced security measures and technologies make it possible to create deterrents and obstacles that not only create a visually intimidating presence but also prevent a high-impact vehicle attack.       

Security Options for Professional Stadiums

Bollards, portable barricades and wedge barricades provide effective security for stadiums against vehicles while facilitating desired flow of fans and pedestrians through and around the facilities. Bollards placed on perimeters unobtrusively provide high level security and can be designed to match the architectural and aesthetics details of the venue. Installation of multiple Delta Scientific perimeter protection products at Atlanta’s new $1.5 billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home to the NFL Atlanta Falcon and MLS Atlanta United soccer club, was recognized as one of the world’s most secure stadium facilities. The stadium has installed a whopping 4 DSC501 K54-certified retractable vehicle barricades, 5 DCS720 retractable stainless steel bollards, 39 DSC2000 K12-certified crash barriers, and 59 DSC680 shallow foundation fixed bollards.  Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco, home to the 49ers, is also a well-known user of Delta equipment. Here are a few of the features offered by Delta Scientific bollards:

  • Capacity to raise and lower the bollards within seconds
  • Option to choose level of security
  • Variety in bollard covers with customization options to complement facility details
  • Cast sleeves made from fiberglass, aluminum and brushed stainless steel
  • Bronze plaque mounts on bollards for displaying organization logo
  • Internal warning light option for crash-rated bollards

Securing College Campuses

A combination of high-impact bollards and portable barriers can mitigate security threats on and around a college campus. Our engineers at Delta Scientific work on products to seamlessly integrate them with the college security systems. Our very popular MP5000 barricade has been crash tested for a 40-miles- per-hour impact by a 15,000-pound flatbed truck as per the ASTM test criteria by an independent lab. It can easily be towed to the desired location and be set up within 15 minutes. Battery powered and self-contained, this barrier offers opening of 12, 16 and 20 foot.

Many top football schools deploy Delta portable counter-terrorist vehicle barriers. Penn State University uses 7 of MP5000 barriers for their home football games and special events. Similar applications are installed or used by University of Michigan and Ohio State to name a few. At these colleges, the portable barriers are primarily used when temporary vehicle access is required. Parking for the football game, a grand opening for a new facility and open houses are temporary events needing only a temporary solution. The barriers can be deployed quickly and effectively, even in places where it’s impossible to excavate for a permanent foundation.

We have been engineering and offering products worldwide since 1974. If you have a question about bollards, portable barriers or any other security devices or to request a quote, please contact us online or email info@deltascientific.com.