The Importance of Preparedness: Early Warning Systems

While in the past vehicle attacks were a source of concern, today the most prevalent means of conveyance is used as a weapon for destruction. Vehicles have become part if the terrorist tool kit, and it’s more important than ever to prepare for such threats. From angry drivers to determined killers, there have been over 14 major deliberate vehicle attacks in the past five years. One of the most effective ways to keep people and property safe is to develop and implement early warning systems that will ensure security personnel has adequate time to respond to threats.

Poor Gates Bar Effective Airport Security

For almost two decades, airports have been trying to secure themselves from intrusions of all kinds. While airports have been able to reduce the threat of insurgents boarding planes effectively, there are still lapses in external security that could prove extremely dangerous. The security gate is by far the weakest point in any fence-based security plan.