High Security Barricades

The Ultimate in Stopping Power

Model #: DSC501

K Rated Barrier: Certified K-12 Crash Rating – Now Certified to K-54!

Installation Design: Shallow Mount Barrier

Advanced counter-terrorism wedge barrier system for sub-surface conditions that negate extensive excavations.

K54 testing exceeds government levels… The DSC501 not only stopped and destroyed a 65,000-pound (5.4 million foot-pounds) dump truck but the barricade continued to stand, preventing a potential second attack. The foundation was undamaged.

K12/L3 certification meets government’s highest levels…exceeds Department of State and Department of Defense requirements.

In the United Kingdom, the DSC501 high security barricade has also been tested to stop a 7,500 kg (16,500 pound) vehicle traveling 80 kph (50 mph), meeting the BSI standard PAS:68 2007.

This high security barricade was designed for the U.S. Navy and has also been selected for use at U.S. Embassies. Set in a foundation only 18 inches (46 cm) deep, the Delta DSC501 is able to survive and operate after a 1.2 million foot pound impact. Upon extracting the truck after its crash test, the barricade was fully functional and performed a resounding 27,000 cycles with no wear!

With its shallow foundation and aesthetic design, it is a major breakthrough in high duty, anti-terrorist barricades. It obviates the concerns of interference with buried pipes, power lines and fiber optic communication lines. The shallow foundation also reduces installation complexity, time, materials and corresponding costs.

The DSC501 is suitable for high water table locations and areas with corrosive soils. Front face warning lights warn drivers that the barricade is in the “up” position. There is also an open area on the front for signage. Diagonal yellow and white stripes are standard and optional colors and graphics are available. The open channel construction even lets you specify hot dip galvanizing.

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DSC501 Crash Test

Hill Air Force Base DSC501 High Security Barricades | Delta Scientific

Hill Air Force Base DSC501 High Security Barricades

DSC501 High Security Barricade Before Crash Test

DSC501 High Security Barricade Before Crash Test

DSC501 High Security Barricade

DSC501 High Security Barricade

DSC501 High Security Barricade

DSC501 High Security Barrier

DSC501 High Security Barricade Before Crash Test

Shallow Mount High Security Barricade

DSC501 High Security Barricade After CrashTest

DSC501 High Security Barricade After Crash Test

DSC501 High Security Barricade

K Rated High Security Barriers

DSC501 High Security Barricade

K 54 Crash Rated Barrier


The DSC501– K54 Crash Tested Barricade System has been tested in full scale configuration and has demonstrated its ability to stop and destroy a fast moving heavily loaded truck (weigh 65,000pounds –collision speed 50 MPH). The Barricade System survived the K-54 impact with all major elements intact – the Barricade System was repaired and operating in 3 hours.


The DSC501 has been tested to the United Kingdom BSI Standard PAS:68 2007 Crash Test. 7.5 Tonne EU truck at 80 kph. Zero penetration and fully functional after the vehicle was removed. Second attack readiness demonstrated. Passed Test.

Certified by U.S. Dept. of State/U.S. Dept. of Defense
Certification Level K12, L3
Fully Operational after Successful Vehicle Stop
Gross Vehicle Weight 15,000 pounds/66.7 kN@
Crash Speed 50 mph/80kph
Capable of Stopping and Destroying a Vehicle
Gross Vehicle Weight 20,000 pounds/88.9 kN@13,200 pounds/58.7 kN@
Crash Speed 70 mph/113 kph   85 mph/137 kph
Test Level K54
Gross Vehicle Weight 65,000 pounds/29,484 kg
Crash Speed 50 mph/80 kph

In the lowered position, the DSC501’s barrier ramp is completely flush with the roadway. Buttresses, counterweights and road plates do not obstruct authorized pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

The DSC501 is raised and lowered to and from the guard position via hydraulic cylinders driven by Delta’s patent-pending hydraulic power unit. This unit can be configured to operate one or more DSC501’s and provide pass-through rates of 3 to 15 seconds, suitable for most inspection and identification station requirements. However, when danger is imminent, the barricade rises in less than 2 seconds!

A vehicle detector safety loop is available.

DSC501 Barricade System Handles K54 Crash—Certified!

In February 2001, prior to 9-11, we crash tested the highly innovative DSC501 vehicle barricade system, set in a foundation only 18-inches deep, that was certified K12 by the US Department of State. That means it will stop and destroy a 15,000-pound (6810 kg) vehicle traveling at 50 mph (80 kph). Over the last 5 years, it has become the barricade standard used by many US government organizations – among others – to protect their facilities from truck bomb attack.

Several thousand are in use. As the war on terrorism has escalated, the sizes of the vehicles used in truck bomb attacks have increased and multiple vehicles are sometimes used.

The question was posed – how would the Delta DSC501 Barricade hold up to the new threats? The answer – very nicely, thank you! The test energy was five times greater than the original certification. Better yet it is now certified at K54.

The DSC501 not only stopped and destroyed a 65,000-pound dump truck but the barricade continued to stand, preventing a potential second attack. When the attack truck was removed, the barricade was repaired in less than three hours using hand tools and $7 of parts from the local hardware store. It was cycled in the normal and emergency fast modes. The foundation was undamaged.