Press Releases 2019

DSC7090-Crash Delta Scientific

Press Release November 7, 2019

Delta Scientific announces its new bolt down DSC7090 beam barricade has passed its crash test garnering an ASTM M30/P1 rating - stopping a 15,000 pound (6800 kg) truck going 30 mph (50 kph). Used in locations where wide roadways need to be secured from attacking vehicles and in larger parking areas where security systems are needed to deter theft.

Press Release October 15, 2019

Delta Scientific today announced that, on Monday, October 7, at approximately 7 am, a Delta MP5000 portable barrier stopped a stolen Dodge Ram pick-up truck at an entrance gate of the Naval Air Station - Corpus Christi. This is the second attempted intrusion into the Naval Air Station - Corpus Christi in eight months.
Delta Scientific MP5000 Portable Barrier Certified to ASTM M50/P3

Press Release October 1, 2019

Delta Scientific today announced that traffic access control professionals can now set up MP5000 portable barriers on concrete, asphalt, compacted soils or vegetation in 15 minutes or less to provide certified M50 stopping power. The new models stop 15,000 lb medium-duty trucks traveling at 50 mph.
Delta TB150 Crash Rated Portable Bollard Stops 15,000 Pound (6,804 kg) Vehicle Going 50 mph (80.4 kph)

Press Release August 27, 2019

Delta Scientific today annouced that its new patented crash rated TB150 portable bollard system lets law enforcement and other security providers promptly block access to temporary venues where vehicles can be used as weapons against large numbers of pedestrians. Ten TB150 portable bollards can be linked together to create immediate protection for a span of 40 feet.