Driveway Security Bollards: A Quick Guide

The driveway security bollard has been popular in commercial and industrial applications for many years. More recently, residential property owners have also become interested in security bollards for driveways due to issues such as vehicle theft. If you are thinking about installing driveway security bollards, we have answers to some important questions you may have.

3 Driveway Security Bollard Frequently Asked Questions

Delta Scientific has been selling bollards and other physical security products for many years. Here are some questions about driveway security bollards that we hear most often from our clients.

1. Can You Put a Bollard on a Driveway?

The permissibility of security bollards for driveways may vary by municipality. Before you seriously consider the installation, you should look up the rules and regulations regarding driveway security bollards in your community. At the very least, you may have to obtain a permit from your municipal government before you can start the installation.

As long as you comply with applicable laws, there should be no problem at all installing driveway security bollards for a brand-new building. However, if you are retrofitting an older property with security bollards, it may not be possible to excavate to the depth required for installation without disturbing buried utility lines. This does not necessarily mean that you cannot have a driveway security bollard, but it may mean that you need to consider a shallow foundation bollard that does not require deep excavation.

DSC800 High Security Bollard | Delta Scientific Corporation

2. How Much Do Driveway Security Bollards Cost?

How much it costs to purchase and install driveway security bollards depends on whether you want crash protection. Bollards with crash protection can stop a vehicle traveling up to 50 miles per hour from striking your building. We at Delta Scientific only sell bollards that offer crash protection.

Bollards without crash protection can cost a few hundred dollars, ranging up to $1,000. Bollards with crash protection cost more. Nevertheless, crash protection also offers you something more valuable in return: Peace of mind that, even if someone purposely tries to crash a car onto your property, or loses control and drives onto your property accidentally, you and your property will be safe. Bollards with crash protection will stop the vehicle from encroaching on your property further than a meter.

3. How Effective Are Security Bollards for Driveways?

Security bollards are effective at preventing bad actors from driving stolen vehicles off your property. Security bollards with crash protection are also effective at preventing people from driving unauthorized vehicles onto your property, whether accidentally or on purpose.

However, for the driveway to be functional, you have to be able to drive authorized vehicles onto or off of the property. For this reason, you should think about installing retractable bollards on your driveway. These are bollards that you can lower to allow a vehicle to pass through and then raise again to prevent the passage of unauthorized vehicles.

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