5 Places To Use Delta Scientific Guard Booths

5 Places To Use Delta Scientific Guard Booths | Delta Scientific

In the 18th century, a guard house or shack was a place where sentries would rest in between their shifts. These were the forerunner of the modern security guard booth. Today, security guards often spend most of their days in a Delta Scientific guard booth, keeping constant watch over the premises either with their eyes alone or with the help of a video surveillance system. Guard booths also provide shelter from the elements. Our guard booths have uses for various property types, including government buildings, military installations, commercial properties, and residential communities.

1. Government or Military Buildings

A government or military building represents a hard target. Access is often restricted and these types of properties are typically heavily guarded. Anyone who intends to attack such a building or installation expects to meet with heavy resistance. For this reason, the building or installation needs a high security guard booth with the ability to withstand bullets, or even an explosion, such as our Level 4 High Security Guard Booth. Security personnel can watch for unauthorized personnel from the security booth and call for backup at the first sign of any suspicious activity.

2. Stadiums and Other Attractions

Stadiums and similar attractions are called soft targets because they typically do not have an extensive security presence. This plus the fact that they attract lots of visitors, most of them civilians, makes them an attractive target for those who want to cause as much harm to as many people as possible. Since visitors typically gain access to attractions such as these by paying admission, guard booths can also double as ticket booths.

3. Airports

Security at airports has been much tighter since September 11, 2001, when three commercial passenger jets were hijacked and purposely crashed. In the intervening decades, there have also been attempts to smuggle weapons or explosives onto planes. A security guard booth is often the first line of defense against attempts at terroristic attacks such as these. Since parking at an airport usually costs money, these booths can also double as toll booths if necessary.

4. University Campuses

In addition to terroristic threats, university campuses are often sites of violent crimes, such as stalking or assault. In the fall, and throughout the winter, sunset comes early in the evening, meaning that students taking late afternoon classes may not get out until after dark. Students may not feel safe in this situation, and having guard booths placed strategically around campus gives them more opportunities to report crime or suspicious activity. Guard booths also provide a convenient and intuitive location where students can report hazardous conditions on campus, ask for assistance, or ask for information when they become lost, which is especially common on larger campuses.

5. Residential Neighborhoods

Certain neighborhoods are walled or gated to make sure that only people who live or have business on the premises are allowed access. A guard booth provides a convenient place for security personnel to keep out unauthorized personnel and grant access to visitors or those who have a specific task to perform within the community.