The Future of Security in Education

The Future of Security in Education | Delta Scientific

At Delta Scientific, we recognize how important it is for a society to educate its children. Yet around the country, in public and private schools, students and teachers alike have difficulty working because of constant fear of an attack against their schools. Every child should have an expectation of safety at school, and teachers should expect a safe working environment, especially considering the sacrifices they have to make for the education and edification of young minds.

We now take a look at school security and how Delta Scientific products may help.

The Importance of In-Person Education

Online instruction in lieu of in-person education has been an option for several years now. However, the COVID-19 pandemic forced entire schools to adopt online instruction temporarily. While this was challenging in many respects, it allowed researchers to examine the effects of online learning on students.

Because of the pandemic, teachers as well as students and their families had to transition to online learning quickly, with little to no preparation. The outcomes may be better for families who opt into online instruction and teachers who are trained and expected to provide it. Similarly, even during the pandemic, not all students had negative outcomes from online instruction. For example, children who faced bullying in school found it easier to concentrate on their work, and students who struggled with structured learning found it easier to work at their own pace.

On the other hand, other students experienced adverse psychological effects from enforced online instruction, including anxiety, eating disorders, and depression. This was partially due to a feeling of isolation from peers. Academic achievement also suffered, especially among students who were already struggling with schoolwork as it became more difficult for teachers to provide the individualized attention they needed.

The Challenges Involved With School Safety

Unfortunately, schools have been targets of violent attacks for decades. Many of these are mass shootings. In 2021, school shootings in the United States hit an all-time high of 250 incidents in a single year, though only 9 of these were active shooter events.

While vehicle-ramming attacks against schools are rarer, such incidents overall have increased significantly since 2010. While religious extremists have promoted this method of attack in propagandist publications, it has since been adapted by terrorists and criminals of other ideologies, or none at all.

Delta Scientific Products That Can Help

Delta Scientific products are designed primarily to prevent access by unauthorized vehicles. For example, we have an early warning system that detects vehicles traveling at excess speeds and alerts security personnel. If you also have any of our barricades installed, security personnel can then deploy them. The radar antennae resemble security cameras, a detail that may serve as a deterrent against violent or criminal activity.

On any school campus, there are pedestrian areas where students walk to the building’s entryway. High-security bollards installed in these areas can prevent vehicles from entering them without impeding foot traffic. Many varieties can be customized to match the exterior of the building. There are also shallow-foundation bollards that are easy to retrofit to an existing building because they do not require extensive excavation to install.