Product Feature: DSC1450 Surface Mounted Barricade

A vehicle barricade is a versatile installation that can serve multiple purposes. During hours that the facility is in operation, it can serve to control traffic into and out of the premises. During off-hours, it can serve to prevent theft of valuable vehicles.

A traditional barricade requires a deep foundation. Delta Scientific understands that it may not always be possible to dig a new foundation to install a barricade, which is why we offer surface-mounted barricades, such as the DSC1450, that can be retrofitted onto an existing concrete surface.

What are the Components of the DSC1450?

The DSC1450 consists of four primary components: The hinge plate, the road plate, and two buttresses. These components come separately in the interest of making handling and installation easier.

The hinge plate is the component to which the others attach. It is connected to the ground. The road plate is the mobile component that rises to form a barrier and then lowers to provide vehicle access. It has a non-skid surface to provide traction as vehicles are driving over it. It can be raised in as little as five seconds.

The buttresses are installed on either side of the road plate. They run parallel to one another and perpendicular to the surface on which they are installed. They contain the Programmable Electro-Mechanical Drive System, also known as PEDS, which is responsible for the barricade’s operation.

How is the DSC1450 Installed?

One of the benefits of the DSC1450 is that installation only takes about four hours, possibly less if the installation crew is well qualified. The entire unit is bolted to the surface using lag screws. These are recognizable by their length, their thickness, and their distinctive hexagonal-shaped heads, all of which help the lag screw to resist torque and bear intense pressure exerted by heavy loads.

What Other Options are Available?

The DSC1450 can be customized to meet your needs. For example, the standard width of the opening when the barricade is lowered is 12 feet, but you can choose to have this opening wider or narrower. Other options include remote control so that the barricade can be operated from a distance, safety features to prevent the barricade from activating accidentally, and stop/go lights to communicate to authorized vehicles when they can proceed.

Touch screen controls are another optional feature of the DSC1450, and this has customizable options of its own, such as site-specific displays and password-protected data logging.

Where Would the DSC1450 be Beneficial To Install?

The DSC1450 would be well-suited to an existing structure, such as a parking garage or a car lot, where it would not be feasible to excavate to lay the foundation. It would also be appropriate for an area where deep excavation is impossible due to buried utility lines close to the surface. Because the DSC1450 is mounted on the surface, the installation would not disturb those lines.

The DSC1450 has a crash rating of M30 according to the standards established by the American Society for Testing and Materials. This means that it can stop a vehicle weighing up to 15,000 pounds traveling 30 miles per hour or less.