Top Uses for Traffic Controller Tire Spikes


Traffic controller tire spikes are an excellent choice if you need to enforce a one-way traffic flow. Although this type of barrier works well for this particular application, it isn’t necessarily suited to all types of barrier needs. Finding the best barrier solution for your particular need is something that Delta Scientific can help you with.

How Traffic Controller Tire Spikes Work

Although most people have a basic idea of how traffic controller tire spikes work, not everyone understands the exact mechanics of this type of barrier system. At its most basic level, this barrier prevents a vehicle from going back in the opposite direction once it has passed a certain point. 

Sabre-tooth tire spikes allow vehicles to safely pass in one direction, but they puncture tires that approach them from the opposite direction. The spikes are torsion-spring activated and will puncture most pneumatic tires. Delta Scientific offers four different types of this barrier, depending on whether you need tire spikes for light usage or spikes for more industrial-level use.

Best Uses for Tire Spikes

Tire spikes aren’t suited for every type of barrier need, but they do work very well in applications that require traffic flow in a one-way only direction. This includes parking facilities and other single-direction vehicle lanes.

Sabre-tooth traffic controller tire spikes can provide general anti-theft protection. However, they are not designed to provide final denial or higher security needs. 

Different Kinds of Tire Spikes

One of the most common types of traffic controller tire spikes is the sabre-tooth model described above, which works with torsion-spring activation. This type of tire spike is installed where a one-way traffic flow needs to be enforced. 

However, another type of tire spike system, motorized traffic control spikes, are a type of barrier that can puncture tires in two directions. This means vehicles traveling in either direction can be effectively disabled through punctured tires with this type of system. Delta Scientific offers five different types of motorized traffic control spikes.

Determining the Right Barrier

Traffic controllers and barricades offer different levels of anti-theft protection and are suitable for different applications in terms of revenue collection. The first step in determining which type of barrier or tire spikes is suitable for your needs is to assess the level of security you require. 

Traffic controller tire spikes are the top choice if you need to effectively direct traffic in one direction only. They are best in low-speed applications. Therefore, they are most commonly seen in places such as entrances and exits to parking lots. For more information about the best barrier for your site, contact Delta Scientific.