Early Warning System

Early Warning System for High Security Barriers | Delta ScientificUsing Doppler Radar and digital loop detector tech, the Delta DSC400 Early Warning System alerts guards to active security measures and raises Delta vehicle barricades. Once alerted the guards can take action by raising the Delta barricade systems.

Continuous Doppler Radar picks up instantaneous changes in velocity and addresses the threat scenario in which an inbound vehicle approaches at normal speeds and then accelerates to commence the attack.

It will also warn if a hidden vehicle suddenly passes a larger vehicle and attempts an attack. Once alerted, the guards can take action, including raising the Delta barricade systems.

The Delta DSC400 Early Warning System consists of radar antennas that look like and install similarly to video surveillance cameras. They can be positioned on top of guard booths or on poles looking into the facility or out. The system includes the circuitry and logic to trigger an alarm panel when a preset speed is exceeded or when a vehicle drives in an exit lane while attempting to go around a guard booth.

The DSC400 Early Warning System is best applied at locations where there is a long and relatively straight run into the facility that would allow a large vehicle to build up its speed. A vehicle traveling at 60 mph (96 kph) can cover 88 feet per second (2.68 m/sec) so it is imperative that the guards be alerted immediately. Every second counts.

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