The Choice Between Permanent and Portable Barriers

The Choice Between Permanent and Portable Barriers | Delta Scientific

When it comes to securing personnel and property from vehicular accidents and attacks, nothing keeps areas safer than strong barricades. These effective tools have the stopping power necessary to keep threats at bay, but placement can be an issue.

Depending on the circumstances, both portable barriers and permanent structures have their benefits and disadvantages. Before opting for one choice over the other, here are a few things to consider when planning your perimeter.

New Construction

Designing new areas offers a plethora of opportunities to implement security strategies. This lets you plan out the best way to keep vehicles and pedestrians safe, and the first choice is often the placement of durable gates, guard houses and barricades that will make a statement about how secure a location actually is.

New construction allows for the placement of these facilities more easily since they can be incorporated into developing blueprints. However, it’s important to remember what kind of space you’re trying to implement, and taking public considerations into account might lead to planning open areas where security buildings and equipment would disrupt any social nature of the space.

Planning for Portability

Large open spaces might be the bane of effective security, as do wide-laned roads. However, having these designs makes for a more inviting public space and concerns can be mitigated with the right equipment. Designing roads, parking lots and communal areas with portable barricades in mind can help avoid the dangers inherent to slapdash and flimsy barriers traditionally used.

Also, instead of dedicating space and energy towards an entirely static security setup, room can be specifically designed to house portable barricades and even effective yet movable barriers like Delta Scientific’s IP500 Portable Gate. This allows the flexibility of an open security plan while offering places where these components can be erected quickly when the need arises.

Visually Appealing

One of the downsides to many vehicular defenses in use today is their unattractive nature. In Washington, D.C. it has been suggested that the current bollard setup greatly reduces public access and aesthetics of the Hirshhorn Museum. While many view these barricades as necessary, it is still important to take into account how these new additions look and how the public interacts with them.

The addition of bollards, gates and guardrooms can actually increase the allure of a particular location on several levels. Guard booths convey a sense of security while early warning systems allow devices like rising bollards and hidden traffic spics that are normally shielded from view to be employed when danger rears its head.

Either portable or permanent solutions are effective countermeasures when planning for vehicular safety. Contact Delta Scientific today to learn more about how these devices can help both secure important areas and create a more welcoming public space for pedestrians.