Barrier Cleanup: The Cost of Post Collision

Barrier Cleanup: The Cost of Post Collision | Delta Scientific

The best kinds of safety systems are the ones that you never need to use. It is when these safety measures are put into direct use that the resulting collisions leave those inflicted with the responsibility of clean up.  While the cost of an actual attack or accident without the presence of barricades would be much greater, the post-collision clean up still needs to be taken into account.


High-speed impacts can cause significant damage to property, but most of the destruction will take place at the point of impact, or between the barricade and the vehicle. Even accidental occurrences can create significant damage and leave the vehicle involved immovable under its own power.

After a collision in Tallahassee, Florida, it took a flatbed tow truck and a crane to remove an SUV from atop a set of bollards after impact. While accidents such as this are not exactly commonplace, the cost involved with removing the vehicle from its resting place was not insignificant.

Even if the SUV hadn’t been impaled atop the bollards, it is highly likely that it would have been left inoperable none-the-less.  Therefore it is imperative that, when planning out security measures, there is room left for tow truck access to help remove the undesirable debris.

Secondhand Collisions

While an attack might be a sole event perpetrated by an individual vehicle or individual, the likelihood of accidents involving multiple vehicles is significant.  In a study of highway barricade impacts, it was found that there is a 34% chance of a secondary crash occurring via another vehicle immediately or indirectly after the initial accident has transpired.

While this study looked predominately at highway traffic, the same can be said for barricades that are adjacent to high-speed streets and other locations, making them just as susceptible to these kinds of accidents.  As such, security teams should be aware of this likelihood, to both keep recovery teams, pedestrians and other personnel clear and safe from danger.


While vehicle damage is an important monetary consideration, the true cost concern should involve equipment.  Proper security barricades are able to withstand such accidents and service to perform just as well another day.  However, even quality equipment like Delta Scientific’s DSC305 retractible bollard system should undergo immediate maintenance post-collision to ensure they remain at peak effectiveness.

No matter what kind of impact your equipment has undergone, be it an attack or accident, proper removal and clean up plans need to be in place.  Contact Delta Scientific today to learn about effective maintenance and cleanup strategies, as well as advice on the best products for your security needs!