Using Junction Box and Control Circuitry for Barricade Control

Using Junction Box and Control Circuitry for Barricade Control | Delta Scientific

Whatever type of facility you operate, perimeter security is key. If you can effectively stop unauthorized vehicles from entering your perimeter, you can reduce your risks substantially. Whether the facility in question is an airport, an energy plant or a factory, barricades are among the best methods for preventing a breach.

Barricades Are Vital to Perimeter Protection

Delta Scientific offers high-tech barricades that can effectively stop an approaching vehicle, including larger trucks traveling at higher speeds. They can also damage, destroy or trap a threatening vehicle. According to FEMA, most barriers are designed for a vehicle weight of up to 15,000 pounds traveling at a speed of up to 50 mph; Delta Scientific barricades can stop and disable a truck weighing up to 30,000 traveling at 50 mph.

Optimizing Your Barricade System

A large facility typically has several entry points. Optimally, you will have a barricade at each. Barriers work best in conjunction with monitoring, warning, and response systems that allow you to assess and respond fast. Even a few seconds can make the difference between an effective response and a perimeter breach. A system utilizing a junction box and control circuitry presents an effective way to manage a system of electrically-controlled barricades.

Junction Box and Control Circuitry

Delta Scientific junction box and control circuitry manages several barricades on the same set of circuitry. The step down transformer increase the system’s reliability and durability, as it produces a higher current from lower voltage. Utilizing a junction box also protects this vital circuitry in the event of a power outage, accidental fire or other problems. Delta Scientific manufactures control circuitry to the client’s requirements. This durable control system can be manufactured to control two barricades or a complex multi-barricade system.

Additional Options

In addition, Delta Scientific also offers an array of barricade control solutions appropriate for specific barricade types:

  • Hydraulic Pumps: Customizable hydraulic controls for all sizes of hydraulic barricade systems. Control variable such as speed, power-off cycles and more. A small powered pump is also available for portable barricades.
  • Powered Pump: Powered hydraulic pump with solar panel charge and long-lasting battery; suitable for locations where frequent physical upkeep will not occur.
  • Touch-Screen Panels: Available for a variety of control systems, these panels make it easy to monitor and manage barricades. They include safeguards against accidental manipulation of barriers.

Throughout the world, securing buildings against vehicle attacks has become an increasing priority, especially in the case of potentially high-value targets such as government, infrastructure, and oil and gas. Delta Scientific remains on the cutting edge of security technology planning and implementation. To learn more about the products and services we offer for your protection, visit us online or call us at (661) 575-1100.