Can Your Beam Barricades Stop a Breach?

Can Your Beam Barricades Stop a Breach | Delta Scientific

Before installing one of our crash rated security beams and barricades, almost every security or property manager has a story. The story usually involves an angry trespasser who breached the last security beam to enter the premises, or a frustrated visitor in a parking deck who could not find their ticket and insisted on leaving anyway. Unfortunately, these incidents happen all the time on properties all around the world. If it happens at yours, is your beam barricade strong enough to stop a breach?

What are Crash Rated Security Beams?

Most security beams don’t look like much. You get the feeling that if push comes to shove, a visitor could ram their way through it. Because of this, you have likely begun to think of your security beam as a deterrent rather than a real stopping mechanism.

At Delta Scientific, we create security beams that do exactly what they were designed to do: restrict access in or out of a specific area. Because of this, our beams are built to withstand most attempts to drive through the barricade.

How Do They Protect Your Property?

At a glance, you may consider the angry beam-smasher little more than a nuisance. However, if the property you manage meets any of the following criteria, it may be a potential terrorist target.

If these buildings are located in major cities like London, New York, Washington D.C. or Paris, then the risk for terrorism is even greater. If the property is highly secured, then the only way the attacker may get into the property is to ram through any beams or barricades and set off a bomb. As the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing and the Oklahoma City Bombing has shown us, setting a bomb off in a garage is deadly.

If your business is not likely to be a victim of terrorism, then our beams may prevent other crimes, such as trespassing, bank robberies, stalking or a mass shooting.

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To truly secure your property, you need more than mere deterrents to stop the truly determined. Our crash rated beams can help to provide that by ensuring vehicles do not make it beyond the barricade you put up, and at the very least, not without causing severe damage to the vehicle and a potential attacker.

If you have questions about whether or not crash rated beam barricades are a good fit for your property needs, speak with our experts by calling (661) 575-1100 or via email at We will evaluate your property and provide you with the absolute best solution.