3 Security Tips for Public Event Planners

3 Security Tips for Public Event Planners | Delta Scientific

Public spaces in cities and suburbs are important places for community development and promoting outdoor recreation. These areas may include main streets, parks, promenades, band shells and fields. Such locations are often utilized by public event planners for community activities, including Fourth of July fireworks, wintertime ice skating rink installations, music festivals and art fairs. As the year draws to a close, holiday and Christmas markets as well as major New Years Eve events, present cities with constant public event security needs. We know the public nature of these events increases risks of incidents with high-speed vehicles that put attendees in danger. Fortunately there are three ways for public space managers to prevent casualty-causing collisions and further promote the use of local public areas.

Tip #1: Develop an Action Plan    

It is important to have a plan developed before an incident or accident occurs. Delta Scientific warning systems alert guards to abnormal vehicle velocity changes in the surrounding area. Managers of public areas should organize a meeting with public safety authorities and local agencies to discuss what must immediately occur when a high-speed vehicle is approaching a public event. When strategizing how to react to an alert, think about what time of the year and time of day the event is occurring. Having this reaction plan in place combines technology and strategic planning to ensure everyone is on the same page to effectively target a threat and promote overall event safety.

Tip #2: Promote Event Safety

Ideally, there will be no need to implement a well-conceived action plan. We believe taking preventive measures to secure public areas where events take place is important to keep people safe from accidental vehicle collisions and intentional attacks. Protect attendees by clearly separating pedestrian and vehicle locations with the following Delta Scientific security devices:

Tip #3: Secure Arrival and Departure Points

Avoid the risk of vandalism and theft and make sure people are safe when walking back to the cars at night by keeping parking areas illuminated with flood lights. Install guard booths with employees who monitor activity in the parking area and who are prepared to react if an alert is triggered.  Furthermore, prevent accidental collisions by clearly marking the parking area with informative warning signs and using barricades to direct traffic.

These three tips can be used by public area managers to promote security at the next community event. Additionally, the technologies of Delta Scientific used to secure an event can also be used as infrastructure for year-round security. Installing gates that shut when the public space is closed or using aesthetically pleasing bollards are steps any public area manager can take to promote community safety. Visit us online or call 661-575-1100 for more information about Delta Scientific security measures.