Press Release Feb 21, 2001

Delta Barriers/Bollards Protect New York Federal Courthouses During bin Laden Trial

Fully Operational after 1.2 Million Foot Pound Collision


VALENCIA, CALIF. — February 21, 2001—Construction crews worked through January to install Delta Scientific barricades and bollards systems at New York City’s Daniel Patrick Moynahan U.S. Courthouse and the old Foley Square U.S. Courthouse. Construction was completed in time for opening statements in the federal case of the United States vs. Osama bin Laden, the mid-East terrorist whose alleged followers are on trial for the 1998 bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania that killed 224 people.

Two high security Delta Scientific (TT207sFm) hydraulic-operated barricades, designed to stop a 7.5 ton (66.7 kN) truck moving at 80 mph (129 kph), protect each end of the street that connects the two federal courthouses. The barricades can be raised or lowered at will to stop traffic or let it through. In an emergency, the thick steel plates pop out of the ground within 1.5 seconds.

A series of Delta TT210 bollards guard the front of the old U.S. courthouse. They are designed to destroy the front suspension, steering linkage, engine crankcase and portions of the drive train of any 15,000 pound (66.7 kN) non-armored or non-tracked vehicle hitting them at 62 mph (100 kph). These bollards will also stop a 15 ton (133 kN) vehicle traveling at 44 mph (71 kph). They are full scale tested to U.S. State Department standards and will raise and lower into the ground in as little as one second.

“We are very pleased to be selected to provide protection for these and 50 other federal ourthouses throughout the nation,” expresses Delta Scientific Senior Vice President David Dickinson. “For the U.S. government, our systems also protect 200 worldwide embassies, the Pentagon, State Department headquarters, U.S. Supreme Court and military bases around the globe.”

About Delta:

Delta Scientific Corporation is the leading manufacturer of vehicle access control equipment with over 260,000 square feet of production facilities in Palmdale, Calif.  Delta’s three product lines consist of high-security vehicle barricade systems, parking control equipment and guard booths.  Delta Scientific has been engineering and manufacturing vehicle access control equipment since 1974 and sells its products worldwide.

Corporate headquarters, equipment sales, systems engineering and technical service are located at 40355 Delta Lane, Palmdale, Calif.93551. Phone is (661) 575-1100. Website is  Product installation and maintenance services are provided through Delta’s Tampa, Fla. office.

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