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TT207SFM Surface Mounted Barricade

The TT207sFM is a K12 rated barricade 15,000 pound truck at 50 mph. It comes in two versions, surface mounted for parking ramps and with the standard 18 inch foundation. This barricade is also available with a debris screen. When the barricade is in the up position, the hydraulics are protected by the heavy metal ramp plate. Widths available: 12 foot to 24 foot clear opening.

Procurement SpecificationTT207SFM Surface Mount Barricade Procurement Specification

General ArrangementTT207SFM Surface Mount Barricade General Arrangement

TT207SFM U.S. Embassy Jordan

TT207SFM Barricade U.S. Embassy Jordan

TT207SFM U.S. Federal Courthouse NYC

TT207SFM Barricade U.S. Federal Courthouse, NYC

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TT207SFM U.S. Naval Base Yokosuka Japan

TT207SFM Barricades U.S. Naval Base Yokosuka Japan